Organic Therapie Insta Clear Marks Treatment Kit Review

It has been a while since I have done a facial at a salon and I am quite lazy when coming to spending hours together in a salon. I am kind of claustrophobic and cannot lie down without becoming restless in a closed salon room, for the sake of a facial. I rather prefer doing a simple clean up at home during my leisure time.

In one such attempt, I have been trying out the Organic Therapie Insta Clear Marks Treatment kit which consists of a face cream, a serum and a face mask that works together to clear marks on the skin.

About Organic Therapie :

Organic Therapie is a revolutionary line of natural extracts based health & beauty products. Its award winning products are created with hand - picked ingredients to give you the best that nature has to offer.  Our mission at Organic Therapie  is "to help men & women around the world, look beautiful & feel healthy every day, and thereby improve their happiness quotient".

About Anti - Marks Therapy :


Insta Clear Marks Crème + Insta Clear Marks Clay + Insta Clear Marks Serum

organic therapie anti marks clay review
Organic Therapie Anti -Marks Kit

Product Description:

This No Marks Combo uses advance formula to energize damaged skin cells and reduces even the most stubborn & deep seated discoloration. Enhanced with natural papaya enzymes, this Insta Glow formula is clinically proven as extremely effective for blemishes & pigmentation, stretch marks, acne marks and other severe skin discolorations. 

This combo fortifies ruptured tissues & improves cell immunity to prevent further damage, firms & tightens the skin, and deep penetrating action ensures fast & long lasting results.It helps skin to glow with a visibly brighter & cleaner complexion, free of marks & blemishes.

Organic Therapie Insta Clear Marks Combo
Organic Therapie Insta Clear Marks Combo


Step 1: Insta Clear Marks Crème: Gently massage suitable quantity in soft circular motion for 1 minute. Leave it for full day, for a refreshing feel.

Step 2: Insta Clear Marks Clay: Apply in soft circular motion in upward strokes. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and wash it off with water. Use 1 to 2 times every week.

Step 3: Insta Clear Marks Serum: After Cleansing, put few drops on cotton, and rub it on affected areas. Leave it overnight.

Organic Therapie India  Sattvik Oraganics
Organic Therapie treatment kits

Insta Clear Marks Crème 


This anti-oxidant rich cream provides intense repair for damaged tissues. Its advanced formula heals affected skin cells to minimize blemishes & discoloration. Enhanced with natural papaya enzymes, it evens skin tone & boosts cell renewal to ensure lasting results. It also fortifies ruptured tissues & improves cell immunity to prevent further damage. It is blessed with water proof PA++, SPF 18.

 For best results, also use 'Insta Clear Marks Serum' & 'Insta Clear Marks Clay'. 

Sattvik Organics India review
Sattvik Organics India 

INGREDIENTS: Sandalwood Oil (Santalum Album Oil), Turmeric Oil (Cupressus 
Sempervirens), Mandarin Orange (Citrus Reticulate), Liquorice Extract (Glycyrrhiza Glabra), Bees Wax, Wheat Germ Oil (Triticum Vulgare), Lemon Oil (Citrus Lemonum), Almond Oil (Prunus Amygdalus), Clove Oil (Shyzysium Aromaticum), Vitamin E, Aloe Vera Extract (Aloe Barbadensis Extract), Juniper Berry Oil (Juniperus Communis), Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia), Deminerailised Water.

SIZE : 50gm

Insta Clear Marks Serum :


Organic Therapie Insta Clear Marks Serum is a breakthrough formula to reduce even the most stubborn & deep seated discoloration. It is extremely effective for blemishes & pigmentation, stretch marks, acne marks and other severe skin discolorations. It is enriched with essential oils and concentrated nourishing ingredients to provide intense repair for damaged tissues. Its deep penetrating action ensures the fast & long lasting results. It also strengthens connective tissues to boost natural skin toning process, thereby giving your skin a clearer complexion & firmer appearance. For best results, also use 'Insta Clear Marks Creme' & 'Insta Clear Marks Clay'. 

Natural treatment for blemishes
Natural treatment for blemishes

INGREDIENTS: Sesamum Indicum, Hibiscus Rosa Sinesis, Centella Asiatica, Emblica Officinails Oil Extract, Mineral Oil, Cupressus Sempervirens, Eclipta Elba, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Prunus Amygdalus, Shyzsium Aromaticum, Juniperus Communis, Melaleuca Alternifolia.

SIZE : 50gm

Insta Clear Marks Clay :

Anti marks treatment kit from organic Therapie
Anti marks treatment kit from Organic Therapie


This is a revolutionary treatment mask to energize damaged skin cells & reduce even the most rigid blemishes & pigmentation. Its Insta Glow formula is clinically proven to work effectively, even in the most hopeless & prolonged tissue damage cases. Enhanced with Kaolin Clay, it firms & tightens your skin while giving you a brighter & clearer look. For Best results, also use 'Insta Clear Marks Serum & Insta Clear Marks Creme'.

INGREDIENTS: Mentha Piperita, Acacia arabica (Gum Accasiaa), Citrus lemonum Oil, Sillicate Minerals (kaolin), Juniperus Communis (Juniper Berry Oil), Aloe Barbadensis Extract (Aloe Vera Extract), Bees Wax, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree Oil), Mineral Oil, Vitamin E, Cupressus Sempervirens (Cypress Oil), Citrus Bergamia (Bergamoth Oil), Demineralised Water, Shyzsiyum Aromaticum (Clove Oil).

Size : 50 gm

My observations ;

Insta Clear Marks Creme : To be used everyday twice

natural treatment for marks on the skin
Organic Therapie India Insta Clear Marks Creme

1 : A white colored, thick yet creamy formula based creme which blends easily on the skin.

2 : It gets absorbed quickly without leaving any oily residue.

3 : It does not make me sweat or give an oily look.

4 : Contains SPF 18 which in turn makes me skip my sunscreen on my face.

5 : Smells strongly of sandalwood and reminds me of Mysore Sandal Soap. 

6 : It has a mixture of different oils namely Sandalwood Oil, Turmeric oil, Lemon oil, Clove oil, Wheatgerm oil which work together to clear out our skin of blemishes.

7 : It gives a healthy glow to the skin and does not make your skin oily for about 4 hours.

Benefits :

1 : Makes my skin really soft and glowing.

2 : Works as a good day cream and contains SPF too.

3 : It did not break me out.

Cons :

1 : Big container which can make it difficult to carry.

2 : Did not majorly reduce any blemishes on my skin.

Recommendation : I would recommend this as a good day cream which is totally light on the skin and keeps you fresh for 4 to 5 hours.

Insta Clear Marks Serum : To be used once everyday at night

Organic Therapie India Insta Clear Marks Serum
Organic Therapie India Insta Clear Marks

1 : A white colored, runny liquid serum that is quite thin in texture but takes a lot of time to get absorbed by the skin.

2 : Makes the skin oily but since it is a night serum, it is fine.

3 : The skin feels oily in the morning but the serum is main for removing spots on the face.

4: The smell is similar to Fem hair remover and I am not a fan of the smell.

5 : Contains all natural products and it claims to even reduce stretch marks.

Benefits :

1 : My skin looks healthy and not dry anymore.

Cons :

1 : Takes time to blend into skin.

2 : Leaves my skin looking oily.

Recommendation : Among the 3 products, this is something I felt did not work on me much, as expected.

Insta Clear Marks Clay : To be used 2 times a week

Organic Therapie India Insta Clear Marks Clay
Organic Therapie India Insta Clear Marks Clay

1 : Creamy and thick consistency but works like a whipped creme on the skin.

2 : It does not dry out the skin even if you leave it for half an hour without washing(Though it contains Kaolin clay).

3 : Slightly yellowish in color and applies evenly on the skin.

4 : Easy to wash off and does not dry out on the skin.

5 : Leaves my skin beautifully fresh, bright and soft.

6 : Makes my skin clear every time I use it.

7 : The Kaolin and the different oils in this works wonders on my skin.

Benefits :

1 : It reduces the skin blemishes.

2 : Makes skin bright and fresh

3 : Beautiful smell and texture.

4 : My skin starts to glow after every usage and it retains the glow for about 2 days. I am just so impressed with this mask.

Cons :

1 : Nothing at all.

Recommendation : I recommend this product to everyone irrespective of the skin type and I love this totally.
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