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I hate you like I love you ,
I hate you like I love you.

Do you all remember this small song from the movie Delhi Belly ? I sing this every time I travel somewhere be it the train journeys in India or a flight.
You all might be wondering why this song ? I hate traveling as much as I love it - Confused ?

Let me tell you why - I dread public toilets , but at the same time I love exploring new places too, so not travelling is not an option. So you all know how bad public toilets are in India and there are a lot of new products in the market like PEE SAFE & other things that are being invented to help women. Instead more attention could be paid in maintaining neat toilets! But what about the after pee hygiene ? What if there is no water in the toilet or only tissue paper like abroad?

Let me tell you one good news that could save us from the infections that we can get from non hygienic conditions and could stop you from worrying about hygiene during travel.

Hygiene Wipes from Everteen Naturals are like Wet wipes for making our lives much simpler. 

Everteen Natural Intimate Hygiene Wipes
Everteen Natural Intimate Hygiene Wipes 

Vista Prints Website review & my Business Card

Blogging was started as just a medium for me to help people decide which product to buy and which to skip. It slowly started taking more shape and I started getting recognized for my work.So much of effort goes for writing one post - content, pictures and editing and lastly SEO. There are 1000s of blogs out there , but how do you create visibility for your blog ?

When our relocation to Singapore got finalised  , the fear of being lost in the new place began inside me. What would happen to my contacts I made in India ? How do I establish myself in the new place ? Indian beauty blogging is quite different from Singapore's. The way we dress up is different from how a Singaporean dresses up, our products are different from theirs. I wanted to introduce myself to co bloggers and brands here in a professional way. So I decided to get my business card printed to distribute it to the brands, PRs whenever I attend any event.

One of my friends Sindhu from had recently ordered her business card and I felt it was really nice. On inquiring with her I came to know that she had ordered it online from a website called Since I had only a few  days before I left Chennai , I was apprehensive whether I would get my cards before leaving  , but decided to give it a try and placed my order with Vistaprints.

Vistaprints website review
Vistaprints website 

OOTD for Orchard Road Outing - Oh My God . How many O's ?

Posing for Outfit posts , hmmmm, been a long time ! It is a difficult task to get everything into working for an OOTD Post -- lighting, my makeup, my outfit and of course my husband for some clicking.
P.S : I fail in front of the tripod & camera.

So finally that happened after a long long time and I managed to click few pictures before I headed out to Orchard road last weekend. 

Orchard road is such a bustling shopping district with so many malls and so many brands that I have always wanted to lay my hands on. But this time, I did not pick up anything because I just wanted to have an idea of what are the various shops. I have been to Orchard earlier as a tourist and was there for about 3 hours only. I wanted to explore more and walked the entire stretch of this happening street.

Singapore shopping Orchard road
Orchard Road, Gucci 

Iraya WheatGerm Face massage cream review

Two skincare steps that one should not miss in everyday life is : 

1 : Applying  sunscreen before you step out in the sun however lazy or busy you may be. 

2 : Applying a good night cream before hitting the bed however tired you might be.

Most of the night creams that I have tried till now, tend to make my face really oily and my face looks dark and oily in the morning except for the Biotique Cream.

Recently I discovered this great cream that is working well as a night cream for me. It is the Iraya Wheatgerm Face Massage cream which I bought from Jabong and I am loving it totally.

Iraya Wheatgerm Facial Massage Cream
Iraya Wheatgerm Facial Massage Cream

Home Decor Ideas from Chinatown, Singapore - Video Alert

I enjoy decorating my house with creative, beautiful decor items that do not burn a hole in your pocket and at the same time look unique.
Surprisingly when I came to Singapore, I did not go out for cosmetics shopping but went to buy some home decor items to make my house look good.

Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. —William Morris

I went to Chinatown during a weekend and managed to grab some interesting stuffs for the house. I plan to do a room tour video too soon. Here is the picture of what I bought from Chinatown.This video will be useful for those of you who plan to visit Singapore where in I have discussed what all one can do in Chinatown as well buy.

cheap home decor ideas from Singapore
Home Decor Items from Chinatown, Singapore Online Shopping Review

You all very well know how apprehensive I was about online shopping and how my opinion totally changed after my experience with Jabong. I still don't foray into clothes since my size is a bit tricky and prefer to order items that are size independent.

After I ordered a pair of headphones from Snapdeal for my mother in law, I was pretty satisfied with their delivery. I was looking for a good DSLR and shortlisted Nikon D3300 and looked for the best offers online. When I compared prizes online, I found that Snapdeal gave the best offer and I decided to order it on snapdeal.

Outhouse Jewelry line launch in Chennai & What I wore

Traditional Gold Jewelry is slowly taking a backseat and allowing contemporary jewelry to make its rounds and will make a comeback after few years. Fashion is always like that , don't you agree? When I look at the yesteryear songs , I realize that the heroines are wearing leggings, floral jewelry which has made a re - entry now.

I attended a Jewelry Line launch in Chennai quite some time back and I must say , it was one nicely organized event. The brand that was launched in Chennai was "The Outhouse" which was started by these 2 'beauty with brains' sisters from Delhi. 

About The Outhouse :

Started by sisters Sasha and Kaabia Grewal, Outhouse is a fusion of contemporary style and rich craftsmanship.Their love for jewelry gave Sasha and Kaabia the adeptness to launch their very own label in October 2011.

Today the brand is housed at multi brand boutiques in India, London & Dubai.

They say style is a statement, and what better way to make a statement than with Outhouse jewelry? Through their edgy and eclectic style,the endeavour is to add an element of AvAnT GaRdE to your outfit.Using a myriad colours, textures and stones, each style of Outhouse is handcrafted keeping in mind the quintessential "OUTHOUSE GIRL"-who's Fun, Fearless and Audacious.

Designer Sisters Kaabia & Sasha

Aroma Essentials LemonGrass Face Wash Review

I love Citrus smell in anything and everything - I feel it makes me fresh and active. I happened to try this face wash that contains lemongrass from the brand called Aroma Essentials which is 100 % natural products made by Madhurima who resides in Bangalore. She was kind enough to send a whole set of skincare products for trying them out.

Lemongrass face wash
Lemongrass face wash from Aroma Essentials

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