Budget Vs Splurge - Who Won ? MAC Prolong Wear Vs Faces Long Wear

Wondering what am I talking about in the title ? I am going to be discussing about a budget beauty & an expensive buy here and they are The MAC Pro Long Wear Eye Liner in Definedly Black and the Faces Canada Long Wear Eye pencil in Black. 

The price difference between the two is huge but we are now going to find out how the end results are with both the liners.

P.S : MAC was not on my wishlist but it just happened because of the 50 SGD voucher that I got which I have mentioned here.

best affordable black eyeliner in India
Comparison of MAC Prolong wear Vs Faces Long Wear Eye Pencils

MAC Claims :

Pro Longwear's long-lasting eye liner delivers creamy, dense colour that glides on smoothly. 12-hour water-resistant formula stays put and smudge-free.

  • Dermatologist tested
  • Safe for contact lens wearers
  • Ophthalmologist tested
  • Long-wearing, 12 hours on eyelid
  • Lasting wear, 6 hours on waterline
  • Safe for use in waterline
  • Smudge-proof
  • Transfer-resistant
  • Water-resistant

MAC Prolong Wear Eye pencil in Definedly Black
MAC Prolong Wear Eye pencil in Definedly Black

MAC Prolong Wear Eye pencil in Definedly Black Ingredients
MAC Prolong Wear Eye pencil in Definedly Black Ingredients

What Faces Claims ?

An incredibly soft textured eye pencil from Faces Cosmetics. It highlights the outline of the eyes with precision so that your eyes look big and beautiful.


This new product has been researched intensely and a new formula has been developed, keeping in mind that some women have sensitive skin
So it is an irritation free product which can also be used by those wearing contact lenses
The packaging of faces Long wear eye pencil comes with a colored cap and colored strip on the other end which represents the shade or the colour of the pencil
This product has other range of shades and offers around twelve other shades
This solid black is a very intense black colour and is very well pigmented
A careful single swipe can get you the effect of colour; another stroke will give you the perfect combination with your glamorous mood
The texture is very creamy and while it glides, you will not even realize it on your eyelids; it is so smooth that it does not even tug or drag your skin while application.

Faces Long Wear eye pencil in Solid black review swatches
Faces Long Wear eye pencil in Solid black 

Comparison of MAC Prolong Wear Eyeliner & Faces Long Wear Eyeliner in the shade Black :

Packaging :

The packaging of both the eye pencils are quite similar with a lid at one end and the shade indicated at the other end. MAC Pro long wear's pencil is grey in color whereas the Faces Long Wear is in black. The letters printed on both are in Silver color which is quite attractive against the dark background. The pencils can be sharpened easily & they do not break while sharpening. I love these types of pencils because they are more hygienic than the automatic type one.In terms of packaging, I would rate both the eye pencils equally.

Ratings :

MAC :  10/10

Faces : 10/10

Pigmentation :

The Faces Long Wear eye pencil in Solid Black scores more when it comes to the pigmentation of the eyeliners even on the swatches. I love the jet black colour the Faces Long Wear delivers even on the eyes, which is just so beautiful. The MAC Prolong wear's pigmentation is good with 2 or more swipes but not in the first swipe. 

The Faces Long Wear eye pencil delivers a jet black color on my eyes right from the first swipe & it makes my eyes pop out.

The MAC prolong wear eye pencil does not show up on my waterline & I need at least 4 to 5 swipes with extra tugging & pulling of my eyes to get a decent color pay off.As far as pigmentation is considered, according to me, Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil in Solid Black is definitely better.

Swatches of MAC prolongwear eye pencil & faces long wear eye pencil in solid black
Swatches of MAC Prolong Wear eye pencil in Definedly Black & Faces long wear eye pencil in Solid Black - SINGLE SWIPE

Ratings :

MAC : 7/10

Faces : 10/10

Texture :

The Faces Long Wear Eye pencil is creamier than the MAC pro long wear ,which has its own plus & minus because the more creamier, the better color pay off but at the same time, the liner gets used easily. :( 

The MAC eye pencil has a good texture and it would last longer than the Faces eye pencil for sure. I am not sure which one I should rate better in this, since the creamy formula of the Faces Eye pencil helps it provide better results. I would rather use up my Faces Long Wear eye pencil quickly & get a repurchase because it is only 1/4 rd of the cost of MAC :)

Ratings :

MAC :  8/10

Faces : 9/10 , -1 because it would get used up faster.

Staying Power & Smudging :

In terms of staying power, both the eye pencils deliver a good staying power of about 6 to 7 hours except that, the MAC Pro Long Wear eye pencil starts to smudge a little earlier on the lower waterline.

Faces Long Wear eye pencil has a great staying power & it stays put for about 6 hours on both upper lid as well as lower waterline. It is waterproof and did not budge a bit , even while I took a swim.

MAC's Prolong wear eye pencil delivers a good staying power of 6 hours on the upper eyelid but on the lower waterline, it starts to smudge very quickly. It begins smudging in about 2 hours which I am quite shocked because none of the pencil liners usually smudge on my lower waterline and being MAC , this was least expected.

For staying power & smudging, I again vote for Faces which lasts solid 6 hours or more.

Ratings :

MAC : 7/10

Faces : 9/10

How do they fare on my extra sensitive lower waterline ?

Faces Long Wear causes mild irritation when used on my waterline and I have stopped using it on my waterline. I use it only on my upper eyelid as a liner on which it stays intact for 6 hours or more depending on the humidity & my sweat.

MAC Prolong wear does not irritate my eyes even when used on the lower waterline which is one thing I am really happy about, for the money I paid. 

Ratings :

MAC : 9/10

Faces : 7/10

Cost Comparison :

MAC Prolong Wear Eye Pencil : SGD 35 , which translates to INR 1630

Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil : INR 449

I do not have to say anything on this because things are so evident. I am just a little upset that The MAC Pro Long Wear is not delivering as much as expected for the money I paid. However since it does not irritate my lower waterline, I would often reach for it as a kajal.

I also like the Lakme Eyeconic Kajal for my lower waterline because it stays there for more than 7 hours.

As far as pigmentation & staying power is concerned, Faces definitely gets my vote!!!!

Faces Long Wear Eye pencil in Solid Black Swatches
Faces Long Wear Eye pencil in Solid Black Swatches

Faces Long Wear Eye pencil in Solid Black Review
Faces Long Wear Eye pencil in Solid Black Review

See you soon in another review and let me know which are your favorite eyeliner pencils?
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