My Realistic Resolutions for 2016

I know I am late here but better late than never - here is CRAZYFORCOSMETICs wishing everyone one of you a Very Happy & Prosperous New Year 2016. I understand every other blog would have this post up but I wanted to make it a little interesting by having my Resolutions up on the blog and also have follow up posts to check on my progress.

My Resolutions for 2016 :

new year resolution
New Year Resolutions

Personal Front : 

1 : To lose weight & stay fit :

I have been quite obsessed with weight loss for a while now and you can read my stay fit routine post here. Sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming & I go mad by checking my weight every now & then.I have set a goal of reducing my weight by 4 to 5 kgs which is realistic & not something that is totally impossible for me to do.

I have planned a few interesting Diet plans for myself & I would be doing blog posts about the same.

What am I going to do to lose some weight ?

1 : Follow a simple yet healthy diet

Everyone cannot follow the same fixed diet as dietary requirements vary based on several factors. So find out what works out for you and follow that. I tend to feel lighter the next day if I cut down on sugar intake & keep my dinner simple.

weight loss diet plan
Weight loss diet - Stir fried Veggies

2 : Exercise regularly : Exercising need not mean heading to the gym daily, but simple workouts at home or a jog or a brisk walk for at least 40 minutes would do. I am currently going for a fitness class every Tuesday & Friday where I do simple exercises for my core and it is total fun. I also head to the open gym near my apartment sometimes and do cycling. On Sundays my husband & I head out to Public Swimming Complex for swimming.

exercise for weight loss at home
Cycling in the park
3 : Reduce your food portions : I know this might be a little boring to hear from everyone but it does wonders.  I have reduced the food portions to 80 % of what I used to eat before and I am able to see the changes. Drastic reductions can cause major hunger pangs and you would end up gorging, which is a disaster during dieting.

4 : Have a realistic goal : Everyone cannot get a Size Zero figure & it is not necessary that one needs to be a size zero to look great. You are what you are and do things that can make you feel great about yourself. I need to lose about 4 to 5 kgs to feel great and confident about myself. Being a big made person,I cannot aim for my jeans size to suddenly become 28, but am aiming to go down by one size.

5 : Do not measure your weight everyday like me : Yes I am kind of obsessed already and I weigh myself everyday, which is actually wrong. The weight keeps fluctuating without a particular pattern, due to lot of reasons which are way beyond my scope of understanding and hence I have given up reading about it. So set a target weight & measure yourself after 4 or 5 days and maintain a log book. In case your weight increases against what you expected, then analyse what went wrong.

Did you gorge on some sugary stuff or some Maida based product which kind of accumulates in your tummy & refuses to get out for few days ? Or have you been drinking less water due to which your body would retain water & the increase in weight could be water weight ?

But do not be upset due to the increase in weight and give up on your goal. Stay more motivated & do not make the mistakes you made previously.

6 : Drink loads of water : For every 20 kgs of your body weight, you need to drink 1 liter of water everyday. So yes, do your mathematics & calculate the amount of water you need to drink in a day. If this amount of water is not given to the body, it would retain the water & you would weigh more. Do you see any halo on my head right now ? Just kidding, I have done so much of research for weight loss ..

2 : Love myself & Thank the Universe for all that good that has happened in my life :

This is a resolution because we seldom sit down & think all the good deeds that we have done & the good that has happened to us. So I want to ensure that I sit down a few minutes every morning to thank The Universe for all that it has given me. 

Love yourself ? Yes this is also very important when it comes to staying positive and motivated. Spend some time in front of the mirror admiring and think of all the good things about yourself. Even if I feel I have gained weight or look flabby, I think of my beautiful eyes and tend to create some positive vibrations around me. This makes you feel really good about yourself and you would observe even others telling good things about you.

3 : Dress beautifully & have some me time :

The amount of confidence you get when you dress up well is definitely better than a no makeup ordinary day. Of course you need a no makeup day for your skin to feel fresh & let it breathe but it does not mean you neglect yourself & dress up in a boring way. When you dress up well, you will feel good about yourself which will also make you feel positive.

Dressing well does not mean splurging on high end brands but spending wisely & picking up stuff that can add value to you. Choose things that would compliment you and do not buy just because someone has it. You can look great even under a Budget constraint - all that matters is some clever shopping & some power dressing.

Read this to know how I dressed up a SGD 10 top

Having some me time - You do not have to run to the spa to have a me time but you can do that at the convenience of your house. Watch Youtube video here.

I spend some quiet 10 minutes gazing outside my window every morning while sipping my coffee while my husband is sleeping and look around at all the beautiful things around me. That 10 minutes Me & Coffee time is enough for me to have a great start to the day.

4 : Plan out a budget for all the expenditure every month & try to stick to it :

Planning your monthly budget is very important & it gives you scope to do investments at a young age. All this while it has been an on & off thing for me but this year I am going to take up budgeting family expenses seriously.

I am going to allot some budget for my makeup & clothes shopping as well because that is what keeps me going & it makes me happy.

Work Front : 

1 : Organize my work & execute them :

You do not need any expensive organizer to take notes of all the stuff you have to do. I make small notes on the computer or on my phone & strike it once its over. 

For blogging , I write the topics of the upcoming posts in the draft folder and if at all I have some points, I write them down. Whenever I open the blogger dashboard, I know these are the left out topics to be written and it is always there on my mind. By doing this, I will not miss out on any topic and whenever any idea strikes, I open a new post & put the title. I also plan to post every 2 days once so that i would be active on the blogging front too.

calendar planner 2016
Calendar planner 2016

2 : Meal planning ahead :

My mom used to do this and I used to never like standing in the kitchen after dinner & preparing for the next day. I usually love to relax after dinner by watching TV or talking to my husband. I am finding it difficult to get the lunch ready in the mornings for the boxes if I don't do any preparation.

I have planned to get stuff ready previous night so that things would be much more easier the next morning. 

House Clean Routine :

1 : Do part by part :

I have decided to clean the house little by little and not the whole thing together , which becomes a big task. A small corner everyday & it does not feel difficult for you as well.

So these are some of the things that I have decided to do meticulously to improve my life.
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