Styling a Silver Layered Statement Necklace - Bohemian Way

Some things in life, that you have always wanted and wished for, would just find its way and reach you - My way of explaining the Law of Attraction. One of the online fashion Accessories company had approached me a few weeks back, asking if I would review their product. Initially I was very interested , but later on I found out that there was a big catch as I had to pay for the shipping & delivery charges,  which amounted to a huge sum of money ( upwards of USD 50 ). Though I did not have any issues for paying  and I finally decided to refuse to do it thinking that the product was not really worth that money I was going to pay for the shipping and weight. 

I was just roaming around in a mall recently on the eve of Christmas,  when I saw this huge board saying upto 70 % off in one of my favorite jewelry shops here in Singapore - Lovisa. You can read more about what I have previously bought from Lovisa here.

I found a very similar neck piece that "The Company " had offered me at about just 1/3 rd of the Shipping charges that I had to pay. The original price was about SGD 59 and I got it for SGD 20 and I felt it was totally worth it. There was no looking back and I wanted to grab it immediately along with 2 other earrings which also had great discounts.

So when such a beautiful necklace is in your collection, how long can you wait to style it and flaunt it. There is this beautiful lane in Singapore called Haji Lane , which is rated as one of the best spots for photo shoots. Haji lane is situated in the Arab quarter of the city containing the age old buildings which have been modified to house quirky, quaint coffee shops as well as boutique shops.

I dressed up well, grabbed the camera and my husband and headed there last weekend.So enough of talking and let us get to the Outfit, "The Statement Necklace " and the styling details.

Haji lane was supposed to be really colorful with wall murals and interesting buildings and hence I decided to dress in light colors and I chose white so that it would look great against the colorful background.

The Necklace says : Get to Know me in Detail

silver layered bohemian necklace from lovisa
Silver layered bohemian necklace from Lovisa

how to style Bohemian necklace
Styling a Bohemian Necklace

 A glimpse of Haji Lane :

haji lane singapore by mrt
Haji lane wall paintings

Haji lane Singapore shopping
Haji lane Singapore shopping - Boutiques

Haji lane Singapore cafes
Haji lane Singapore cafes

Haji lane Singapore Boutiques
Haji lane Singapore Boutiques

Haji lane shopping & dining
Haji lane Shopping & Dining

Outfit of the Day Details :

Top : H&M, Singapore on Sale - SGD 10
White Jeggings : Lifestyle, India

h & m singapore winter clothes
Styling White on White with Bling accessories

h & m singapore outlet
Styling a BOHEMIAN statement necklace

h&m singapore dresses
How to style a heavy layered statement necklace

h&m singapore Sale
How to Accessorize a plain white top

h&m singapore discount
How to wear a Layered Heavy Statement necklace & look stylish

h&m singapore year end sale
Haji lane wall graffiti

white top from H & M
Silver Heavy Bohemian necklace Styling

h&m singapore great sale
How to accessorize a white dress

plain white top styling
Tips to accessorizing minimally yet stylish

wearing white on white
Colorful Haji Lane Singapore

Photographer Charges - A cup of cafe latte & potato fries

cafes in Haji lane & Bali lane
Cafe latte from Krave cafe

Krave cafe  Haji lane
Potato fries from krave cafe

The potato fries are one of the best ever I have tasted in my life.The name of the cafe is Krave and is situated in Bali lane which is parallel to Haji lane. 
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