Smell Fresh this Summer - Aroma Essentials Body Pomade Review

Aroma Essentials Body Pomade
Aroma Essentials Body Pomade

We hardly talk about perfumes and body mists on this blog, right? The main reason being that perfumes are a personal choice and each one's interest would be different.I was once a peprfume addict but slowly started refraining from using them on a regular basis, due to the health hazards that they could possibly cause when used on the skin directly. I started slowly adopting body mists and that too would use just a little bit on top of the clothes. I recently received a couple of skincare products from the brand Aroma Essentials which had this body pomade in it and I wanted to try it out. 

Both my husband and I have been using it for the last 10 days and we love how refreshing the smell is.

Aroma Essentials Body Pomade in Musk
Aroma Essentials Body Pomade in Musk

My review of Aroma Essentials Body Pomade - Musk:

The body pomade comes in a small jar with a tight lid and the texture of the product is quite thick and creamy. We need to use our fingers to get some product out of the tub in order to use it and I feel probably a roll on type of packaging would have been better. I just take about a tiny portion of the pomade and apply it on my wrists, near my ears and wherever I feel it is necessary.The smell is similar to that of the Rexona deodarants that use to come years back and the smell is very refreshing. The smell lingers on for about 7 to 8 hours and it does not fade even when water splashes on the wrists while washing my hands. 

The body pomade feels like shea butter and it has to be blended well into the skin for it to be absorbed well. It feels really smooth on the skin and I have been using it daily for the last 10 days. I have not observed any skin allergies and it is completely safe for the skin since it is chemical free. The flavor is such that , it can be used by men and women and it is very mild too.The cost of the Aroma Essentials body pomade is INR 350 which is the only con for the product since the quantity is too less for the price.

Highly Recommend for people who prefer natural fragrance.

Aroma Essentials Body Pomade in Musk with shea butter
Aroma Essentials Body Pomade with shea butter


1: Can be used by both men & women.

2: The fragrance is very mild and refreshing.

3: Stays fresh for 7 hours.

4: Natural ingredients.


1: Expensive for the quantity provided.

Buy here: Aroma Essentials

Aroma Essentials Body Pomade Natural product
Aroma Essentials Body Pomade India

Aroma Essentials Body Pomade Price in India
Aroma Essentials Body Pomade Price in India

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