Thorough Cleansing After Makeup Session - Video Alert

Makeup removal is as important as the technique of applying makeup because even a small leftover product on your face can cause breakouts. So every night, ensure that you completely remove the makeup without being lazy to make sure you do not get any acne breakouts.There are several makeup removal products available in the market but I have my own routine including several cleansers, makeup removers, and wipes.It is also important to use a toner and a moisturizer at the end  to make your skin soft and supple. The night is when the entire body rejuvenates and it is really important to use a good night cream so that your skin can revive itself.

The products that I have used for my CTM Routine :

1 : Bioderma Sensibio Water

2 : Ponds Cleansing Milk

3 : Sasa's Makeup removing Wipes

4 : Nivea Mattifying Toner

5 : Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream

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