Nivea Visage Mattifying Toner for Combination to Oily Skin Review

Nivea Visage Mattifying Toner for Combination to Oily Skin
Nivea Visage Mattifying Toner for Combination to Oily Skin

Get ready to stay hydrated all day, the Summer is here and this time in full swing. It is pretty harsh with heat wave warnings mostly over several parts of Asia and I have to combat the heat well because I am officially the tour guide for my family members who are lined up to visit Singapore. It is really important to drink loads of water and also consume fresh fruits and drink coconut water which has electrolytes that will keep you hydrated.

Just like how you need to keep your body hydrated, it is equally important to keep your skin too fresh and hydrated and thus comes the Nivea Mattifying toner which maintains your skin's natural moisture balance and thus keeps your face shine free in this summer.

About Nivea Mattifying Toner:

Mixed to oily skin needs special cleansing elements that help prevent shine to keep it long lastingly mattified and respect the skin’s natural moisture balance with moisturising components while cleansing. NIVEA Laboratories developed the NIVEA VISAGE Purifying Mattifying Toner especially to respect the special needs of mixed to oily skin.


NIVEA VISAGE MATTIFYING TONER thoroughly clarifies the skin without drying it out:
  • Enriched with the NIVEA VISAGE Anti-Shine Complex it regulates the sebum production of the facial oilier zones to help prevent shine.
  • The formula containing ProVitamin B5 thoroughly clarifies the skin.
Result :
The skin is thoroughly clarified, hydrated & matt, leaving a pure skin feeling.

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My views on Nivea Mattifying Toner for Combination to Oily Skin:

If I remember correctly, this is my first skincare product from Nivea after several years and I have been wanting to try their products for quite some time. The packaging is really elegant and comes in a mint colored plastic bottle with a flip open cap. The toner smells amazing and reminds me of their moisturizing cream that comes in a small blue tub. The toner is a transparent liquid that is really lightweight and it gets absorbed by the skin in a jiffy.

Nivea Visage Mattifying Toner for Oily Skin
Toner for Oily Skin

I usually wash my face, then add a few drops of the toner to the cotton pad and slowly dab the toner onto the problem areas like cheeks, nose and forehead where it is more oily for me. It helps in closing the open pores and instantly giving a refreshing feel to the face. It helps in removing oil and dirt completely from the pores and prevents any breakouts too. It keeps my face shine free for about 5 hours and at the same time it does not dry out the skin as well.Some toners can make your skin very stretchy but this one retains the moisture of your skin and at the same time makes it matte. I do not use this every other day and keep it to just 2 times a week on days I use my face scrub.For those with oily skin, you can increase the usage depending on the oiliness of your face.

It has ingredients that can control the sebum production in the face and would be beneficial for the impending summer season and for those with oily skin.When used immediately after scrubbing your face, it might cause a mild tingling sensation that vanishes in about a minute but it does not irritate your skin. Those with extremely sensitive skin, do test it out on a small patch and then begin using it. Since a few drops of the toner are enough for the entire face, the product would last a long time and it is affordable too.

Price: SGD 7.20 and INR 280 in INDIA for 200 ml.

Nivea Visage Mattifying Toner for Combination to Oily Skin Review
Nivea Toner 

Pros of Nivea Mattifying Toner:

1: Helps in controlling oil and keeps face shine free for about 5 hours.

2: Does not dry out skin but keeps it matte.

3: Affordable.

4: Good sturdy packaging.

5: Helps close pores after scrubbing action.

6: Smells good.

7: Skin Compatability dermatologically approved.

8: Would come a long way.

9: Suitable for combination to oily skin.

Cons of Nivea Visage Mattifying Toner:

1: Might cause mild tingling after scrubbing your face.

2: Does not reduce pore size.

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