Freeman Pomegranate Facial Revealing Peel Off Mask Review

Freeman Pomegranate Facial Revealing Peel Off Mask Review
Freeman Pomegranate Facial Revealing Peel-Off Mask 

I am getting crazily busy these days with makeup classes every single day due to which I hardly get time to sit and blog. I have not gone makeup shopping in a while too and I feel kind of sad because of that. You get motivated when you have something new to try on and review on the blog. I am planning to go for some shopping real soon just to feel good and get motivated. I use a sunscreen when I head out in the morning to class, but when I return, I remove my makeup and sunscreen because we try out new looks every day and we remove it at the end of the class. I already have enough products to carry and hence do not take my sunscreen. I just finish my class and head home because I am already hungry and have no time for BB cream or sunscreen. Due to this negligence, I have got badly tanned and have been trying out various masks since the last 2 weeks.

Today I have a mask from the most affordable Freeman Range and it is their Pomegranate Peel Off Variant.

About Freeman Pomegranate Peel Off Mask :

Immerse skin with super nutrients found only in nature! This Pomegranate-infused mask gently purges dirt and excess oils from the skin for a cleaner, refined surface. An 8-antioxidant blend of Acai, Goji, Mango, Mangosteen, Cranberry, Noni, and Blueberry guard against free radicals and environmental stress. Get gorgeous as you reveal fresher skin. Perfect for all skin types.

Key Ingredients:

  • Pomegranate
  • Vitamins A and E
  • Antioxidant Blend: Goji, Pomegranate, Mangosteen, Noni, Acai, Mango, Cranberry, Blueberry.

Freeman Pomegranate Facial Revealing Peel Off Mask
Freeman Pomegranate Facial Revealing Peel-Off Mask 

My review of Freeman Pomegranate Peel Off mask :

The product comes in the usual Freeman's tube packaging with a cap that does not sit tightly. I really hate the products for their packaging and I always have to worry whether they will leak. The pomegranate mask is no exception.  but at least the product does not leak but instead gets dried up at the opening.

The smell of the mask is so artificial and so strong that I just hold my breath while I apply it near my nose area. I have tried so many Freeman Mask variants before and none of them were this strong. The mask is transparent and has a sticky consistency which makes application quite challenging but it can be achieved if we work fast. The mask feels quite sticky on the skin and takes a lot of time to dry. 

This mask cannot be used when you are in a hurry and it needs about 25 minutes to completely dry so that you can peel it off. The peeling action is interesting and the after effects are quite prominent. If you have an emergency and need to wash it off before it dries up, then you are in for a big mess. The product is tough to wash off and would require you to use warm water if at all you need to wash before it dries. If you can wait enough for it to dry, then you can happily peel it off and reveal a fresh looking face instantly.

The mask creates an instantly bright, fresh face and the skin looks really uniform with tan patches lightened. This mask comes in use when you need to attend a party or something and you just have a few hours to get ready.

Price : SGD 6

Pros of Freeman Pomegranate Peel Off mask  :

1 : Instant bright face

2 : peeling action is interesting

3 : Nourishes skin with various berries

Cons of Freeman Pomegranate Peel Off mask  :

1 : Strong chemical smell.

2 : Packaging is not good with a loose lid.

Freeman Pomegranate Facial Revealing Peel Off Mask Price
Freeman Pomegranate Facial Revealing Peel-Off Mask Price

Freeman Pomegranate Facial Revealing Peel Off Mask How it works
Freeman Pomegranate Mask How it works
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