Sephora Sheet Masks - Avocado & Pearl Mask Review

Sephora Sheet Masks - Avocado & Pearl Mask Review
Sephora Sheet Masks - Avocado & Pearl Mask 

Not always do we have the time to go for a facial to keep our skin supple and fresh. So on those days when you need a quick facial or a refreshing clean up before heading out, sheet masks are the way to go.  Sheet masks are also a craze right now in the market because it is so easy to use and requires no washing or scrubbing.  The sheet masks are great for hydrating your skin when it is really dry and the skin feels really soft & supple post usage.

I have tried sheet masks from various brands , which include a lot of Korean brands,  and their effect would last just a day or sometimes just for hours. 
Among all the brands that I have tried, I have really loved the Sephora sheet masks whose effects are instantly visible. Today, I have 2 masks from their range for review and they are the Avocado & Pearl.

Pearl Face Mask: Perfects and brightens with natural-origin pearl to create high luminosity and visibly minimize irregularities. 

Avocado Face Mask: Nurtures and supports healthy skin by offering intense nutrition and relieving sensitive areas. 

My review of the Sephora Sheet Masks :

The Sephora masks come in individual packaging and they are soaked in a right amount of the liquid. They are quite easy to expand and they have the correct amount of product which makes them very easy to use , unlike other masks which can be a bit messy. I have tried several masks which used to keep dripping all the time and it used to be so annoying to clean it up. 

Sephora masks smell really good and the masks can be kept for about 20 minutes and then you can reverse the direction and use it for another 5 minutes. 

 Avocado & Pearl Mask Review
Avocado & Pearl Mask - How it works?

Avocado Mask :

I love avocados because they have the fats that are needed for our hair and skin. I eat them on a regular basis and also use them on my hair as a hair mask. I wanted to try the Avocado mask from Sephora since it had claims of relieving sensitive areas. Recently I have been having some redness around my nose area and hence I wanted to try this mask. The mask had a very soothing sensation on the skin and smelt really good. After usage, my skin felt really soft, fresh and the redness had reduced a bit. My face felt brighter and softer for the rest of the day but it became normal the next day.

Pearl Mask : 

The pearl mask is said to brighten the face and I wanted to try it because I had got badly tanned recently. When I used the mask, it got dried up in about 15 minutes as compared to the Avocado mask and my face felt a little brighter. I did not find any instant results ,  but I did feel refreshed.  The tan was not removed completely,  but in some places like the forehead, I could see a slight improvement.

Both the masks felt really good and did not have any harsh reaction on my skin. I love how the masks can be expanded easily and how they have the right amount of product which would just stay intact for the 20 minutes.

Sephora sheet masks Singapore
Sephora sheet masks Singapore

Price : SGD 4 each

Pros of Sephora Skin Sheet Masks :

1 : No excess liquid dripping

2 : Smells great.

3 : Instant reaction could be observed with the Avocado mask.

Cons of Sephora Sheet masks :

1 : Expensive when compared to the other Korean sheet masks.

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