Zoeva 230 & 231 Precise Blender Brush Review

Zoeva 230 & 231 Luxe Pencil  eyeshadow brush
Zoeva 230 & 231 Luxe Pencil  eyeshadow brush

Makeup Brushes play a crucial role in your stash and they have to be chosen wisely in order to get the desired results. I cherish my makeup brush collection and always feel that I need to add quality pieces to the collection. I had been eyeing on Zoeva brushes for quite some time and when they had launched in the new Sephora at Ion Orchard , I wanted to have a look at them personally and pick them up. Of all brushes, eye makeup brushes are my favorite because eye makeup is crucial for every makeup artist. I have MAC 217 for my crease blending and sometimes I feel it is not ideal for those with narrow eyelids. From Zoeva, I managed to grab 2 brushes that I felt would be suitable for people with smaller eyelid areas.

About Zoeva 230 & 231 Precise Blender Brush :

Brush 230:
  • Eye shadow brush for shading and blending
  • Professional application in the crease and along the lashline
  • The key to sexy, smoky eyes
    Use this pencil shaped makeup brush to emphasize every corner of your eye area. The 230 Luxe Pencil is a specialist for eye shadow application in the crease, blends edges evenly and creates fabulously shaded results along the lash line for a smoky eye effect.

  • Tapered eye shadow brush made of finest natural hair
  • Accentuate and shade the crease
  • For a breathtaking look with Hollywood glamor
An essential tool for a professional crease definition and a perfect eye contour. With this brush you can blend eye shadow and shade transitions. A darker shade in the eyelid crease creates depth and highlights the eyes.

 Zoeva Brush 231 LUXE PETIT CREASE review
 Zoeva Brush 231 LUXE PETIT CREASE Review 

Review  of the Zoeva 230 & 231 Brushes :

The brushes from Zoeva are just too classy and I do not have words to describe them.They appear similar to MAC brushes but they are way lighter than MAC brushes and are so easy to work with. I love the handle so much because it is so easy to hold and gives a good grip as well. I am totally impressed with the design and the light weight nature of the brushes. 

The bristles are extremely soft and are a combination of natural and synthetic hairs. They are just perfect to work on the eye area because they feel really soft and gentle on the skin. The bristles are tightly packed and are useful for blending in the crease and the color tends to remain well within the crease area. The 230 pencil is ideal for smoking out the lower lashline and creates a smooth smokey eye. The only con about the 230 brush is that it tends to hold more of the product and transfers only lesser amount.

The 231 is a perfect brush for blending in the crease and outer V of the eye and I love that it retains the products within the crease limit. The bristles are tapered and hence it acts as a good blending brush. The MAC 217 has bristles that are more wide set and hence tend to spread out the color more and it could be a bit too much for narrow eyelids.

 Zoeva Brush 231  &230 LUXE PETIT CREASE review
 Zoeva Brush 231  &230 LUXE PETIT CREASE 

Cleaning of the brushes :

I use Sephora's brush cleaner for brushes that contain natural fibers in order to minimize hair fallouts.I have been finding it quite easy to clean up the Zoeva brushes after every use with the Sephora spray.

Price : SGD 14 each

Pointers :

1 : Affordable when compared to other natural bristle brushes

2 : Combination of natural and synthetic enables easy usage & easy maintenance.

3 : Very lightweight and easy to handle.

 Zoeva Brush 231  &230 LUXE PETIT CREASE Packaging
 Zoeva Brush 231  &230 LUXE PETIT CREASE Packaging

 Zoeva Brush 231  &230 LUXE PETIT CREASE Blending brush
 Zoeva Brush 231  &230 LUXE PETIT CREASE Blending brush

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