Innovative Bouquets for your loved ones - Floral Garage Singapore Review

Vegetable Bouquet in Singapore
Delightful vegetable Bouquet from FloralGarageSG

I am someone who puts in a lot of thoughts and efforts into getting gifts for the people around me. I consider their likings, things that they would need, things on their wishlist, things that would be useful to them and so on.
So what would we gift someone whom you do not know at a personal level and not really sure if they would appreciate the gift you give them? - A Bouquet.
Yes, bouquets are just the perfect and sophisticated gift that you could give someone.

When I was approached by Floral Garage - A Singapore based 2-year-old florists who offer innovative bouquets such as vegetable and fruit bouquets, I instantly chose to work with them and review their product & service.

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