Love for Tassel Earrings

My love for fashion accessories will never ever end and in fact, it keeps growing day by day. Tassel Earrings are the Go To option now and they are super versatile, going well with Indian and western outfits.
I just love how boho they look and elegant at the same time. Tassel Earrings are a super duper hit among the office goers too since it transforms mundane workwear into a different level altogether. Here are some of the tassel earrings I own and How I styled them :

Styling tassel earrings
Tassel Earring Collection

I wore this one particular top which had like all the colours that went with the tassel earrings that I have. The pink and grey ones are my favourite of all the ones that I own.

The mustard yellow and grey ones are from Rubi Accessories.
The rest of them are from Lovisa.
There is one more black one which is not featured in the above pic which is from Bangkok Night Market.

Tassel earrings from Lovisa
Pink Tassel Earring from Lovisa

Tassel Earrings India
Green Tassel Earrings from Lovisa

Rubi Shoes & Accessories Singapore
Grey Tassel Earrings from Rubi Accessories

cheap accessories bangkok
Black tassel Earrings from Bangkok Night market

Rubi shoes and accessories best buys
Yellow Tassel earrings from Rubi Accessories

Blue tassel earrings lovisa
Teal Blue Tassel Earrings from Lovisa
See you soon in another post.

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