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Being a stay at home mom taking care of a toddler all day is not an easy task and it drains you a lot. At least for working women, you get to see your colleagues and have a change of scene, but for a SAHM things get worse as the day progresses when you have a clingy toddler and chores piling up. Online shopping of groceries and other food supplies are somethings that provides a much needed respite from the daily monotony.

I am a regular user of Shopback and have been getting cash back for all my online purchases. You can read my review here. I have been using the website regularly and I definitely get some savings on online shopping and it makes me feel great. 

But the issue remains that not every time do I remember to click my Shopback referral link before I shop online. Sometimes I am in a hurry that I just directly go to the main shopping site and then realize I have not clicked on my Shopback  referral link and would be so tired or lazy to do all the transactions again. Shopback has now come up with a solution for this with its new Chrome extension Shopback buddy. 

The Chrome extension Shopback Buddy helps you by giving a pop up when you are on a website that is associated with Shopback and registers your account so that you would not miss out on the cashback.

In Short :

  • Notifies you if you happen to be in an online store where you can ear Cashback from ShopBack
    - Serves as a reminder for you in case you forget to click through ShopBack before shopping. Just click on activate Cashback on the pop-pup that appears. The Cashback button will also blink.
    - You can use the ShopBack web browser extension to help you discover new shops. Just browse the net as per normal and you will get a notification if you happen to land on a website that lets you earn Cashback
    - You can also find out about the availability o Cashback from your Google searches too.
    - This is especially useful with 11.11 Singles Day around the corner: If you happen to have shopped at Taobao with ShopBack before, doing that just got easier with the Taobao search bar on ShopBack’s website now being embedded on the extension itself. That saves you from having to keep going back to the ShopBack website to use the search bar for every single product you would like to add to cart.

What does the Cashback Buddy do?

  1. The buddy is a Shopback Browser Extension that detects the cashback available on the particular website you are on and gives a pop up so that you can avail the cashback through Shopback. So even if you do not click on the referral link, it will remind you to activate your cashback. Isn't this wonderful?
  2. You need not scroll through their entire associated websites list and then shop, you can just go to your favorite online shopping site and get cashback if they are connected to Shopback.
  3. Shop more and save more - You would not miss out on any deals.

Cashback Buddy Extension

For Instance, when I went to Q0010, it asked me to activate my cashback :

I just cannot thank them enough for creating this cashback buddy to help us out with our online shopping.

Available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari for desktops and laptops
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