Nordgreen Native Gold Strap Watch with White Dial - A perfect timeless gift

Times have changed, technology has changed but the way we check the TIME hasn't changed one bit in all these years.
Hence a watch still remains a timeless gift and in some cultures,it is gifted to people when they come off age ,as an indicator that it is the TIME to establish a path of their own. 

We are all crazy about European watches, aren't we ? When we had gone to Switzerland, all that I did during shopping time was to stand outside watch showrooms and gaze at those amazing designs. Not one day did I think I will own one of them. Today we are here to talk about once such amazing watch brand NORDGREEN, based out of Copenhagen.

Nordgreen Native Watch with white dial

About the Brand ;

The “Nord” represents our Nordic identity. We not only strive to capture the sophisticated minimalism that is so inherent in Scandinavian design, but aim to integrate Danish values into everything we do. We actively work to inspire trust, encourage cooperation, and foster an open and honest environment between us, our employees, our partners, and our customers.

The “Green” captures our emphasis on sustainability. We take the necessary steps to ensure that our products and processes are as sustainable as possible, exemplified by our recyclable packaging and partnerships with sustainable manufacturers. At Nordgreen, the Scandinavian values of generosity and social responsibility always come first.

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My review of the Nordgreen Native Gold Strap Watch with White Dial :

The watch came very securely packed along with a box for storing & a tote bag which is made of 100% recycled materials. The dial & the strap were secured with a plastic wrap and the crown(the knob to set time) was also secured. The watch itself was attached to the felt casing and the whole package was wrapped very carefully to prevent damage.

Nordgreen Gold Strap watch cost

The shipping time is super fast & you can read reviews on the same on their website. I chose a classic design with white dial & gold straps because I am a metal strap lover. The dial size is huge and I just fell in love with it at first sight because it was just what I wanted. The color would go well with any outfit and the design is so elegant.

The watch comes with a 2 year guarantee and it has sustainable shopping choice like providing clean water, providing education or protecting the rain forest.They offer worldwide shipping and it gives you so much of satisfaction knowing that there is a cause behind your purchase. They offer both Men's & Women's watches and their design is very minimalist yet classy. They have watches ranging from INR 14900( SGD 290) and for the quality I will definitely say they are worth it.

Scandinavian watch

I would really recommend NordGreen watches to those who are looking for a genuine , classic, Nordic style minimalist watch.

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This is a Sponsored watch but the opinion expressed is honest.

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