Kurumba Maldives Honeymoon - Day 3 and 4

Kurumba Maldives Honeymoon –Day 3 and Day 4

Two days in paradise had just whizzed by and after the tropical storm had blown its course we were set for 2 bright and sunny days with occasional light rainfall in the evenings. 

Getting up early in the morning to wait for the sunrise , a slow romantic  morning walk around the island enjoying the views , a quick swim and amazing buffet breakfast at Vihamana ( along with special attention from Mr. Fernando ) had become our daily routine. 

Kurumba Maldives Honeymoon- Activities on Day 3 and Day 4 :

Water Sports Center :  

Neither hubby nor I have earlier done much of water sports activities prior to the experience in Kurumba Maldives and hence probably cannot compare, but we really did find the watersports centre top notch. There are a variety of activities to suit the novice as well as the experienced and it was an amazing just to try out the various water sports. Kurumba has both motorized and non motorized water sports  ( many Maldives islands do not have motorized water sports and also have special packages for beginners to get a hang of water skiing or wake boarding or knee boarding.

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Some of the activities we tried :

Double Canoe :  Cloudy Skies , crystal clear ocean and water all around greeted us as we took the double canoe ride around the Kurumba island. We had booked the 1 hour ride and it was a completely different experience with us paddling away. The only downside is that your arms do ache after a while and it is a little difficult to steer, but overall a great ride. 

Kurumba Maldives Water Sports
Double Canoe- Hubby and me

Kurumba Maldives Resort Review
Riding away - Beautiful blue waters

Fun Tube :   This was probably the best of the lot and an activity we did twice. Hubby and I sat  on a circular tube which would be attached to a speed boat as it took us around the island. We took the 15 min ride and were hanging on as the fun tube bobbed up and down over the waves.

 P.S : They do give you a life jacket for safety so there is no need to worry and surely a ride not to miss.

Kurumba Maldives Water Sports
Kurumba Maldives- Fun Tube- Water Sports Center

Jet Ski Ride This is an activity I did not try but only my hubby did and he booked the 30 min jet ski package. Though it was his first time he felt that it was very easy to ride and he had great fun zooming away around the island. Really wish now I had tried it too. 

Below is a small video of hubby riding the jet ski. 

Speed Boat Ride :  Well for people like me who were a little apprehensive of exploring the waves using the jet ski there is always the speed boat ride which can take you around the Kurumba island and nearby regions. We had booked the 30 min speed boat ride ( which is ideal as 15 min would be too short ) and the instructor from the center took us on an exploration trip to the surrounding islands in the North Male Atoll . It really was exhilarating to be travelling at such speeds in the open sea and quite an adventure when the waves started getting a bit choppier.. But still a ride not to miss for sheer adrenaline rush. 

Details of all water sports activities available at Kurumba Maldives can be found here

Snorkelling :   

Kurumba Maldives is not probably the best resort to chose if you want the best snorkeling experience , but for the first timers like us the Kurumba Maldives in-house reef had an interesting variety of marine life.

Tips :

1. Look out for snorkeling hot spots in the map as they house the best marine life of the in-house reef.
2.  Kurumba Maldives offers you free snorkeling gear as a part of the room and do nto forget to make use of the same.
3.  The best time to snorkel would be noon when the sun is the highest in the sky as the water turns crystal clear enabling better vision.

Kurumba Maldives Reef
Dark Spots ( indicating coral hot spots ) amidst blue waters - Best places to snorkel
 Exploring the island :

Kurumba Recreation Centre :
Kurumba Maldives also has its own recreation centre where you can spend some time when things do get a little slow :  They have a gym, Table tennis court, TT Court , Majaa Kids club, a smaller swimming pool and also a cute little jewellery shop. We did spend quite some time in the gym and a I played TT and Tennis for the first time. 

Kurumba Maldives gym
Kurumba Maldives Recreation- Table tennis and Tennis Courts

Kurumba Maldives Baby Sitting
Children's Play Area- Majaa Recreation centre and Jewellery Shop

Kurumba Maldives Souvenir Shop
Kurumba Maldives  also has in-house souvenir shop ( adjacent to the reception ) where you can get stuff ranging from the cutest souvenirs to even memory cards. As with Maldives  most of the items are a little pricey , but it is a great option if you need something urgent.

Kurumba Maldives Resort Review
Kurumba Maldives Souvenir Shop


Kurumba Café :  Post our hectic day it was a little late when we arrived for dinner on day 3 and hence we tried out the Kurumba café which is open till one in the morning. We had read that the sandwiches and pizzas of Kurumba café are really good and after tasting the same we would vouch for it too.. The service was quick and efficient, food really tasty and the atmosphere more relaxed as you sat enjoying the views of Kurumba swimming pool.  Overall a good experience

Kurumba Maldives Restaurant Menu
Kurumba Cafe- Overlooking the swimming pool

Full menu of Kurumba Café can be found here.

Ming Court ( Chinese Restaurant ) :  We tried Ming court on Day 4 for dinner and we were not disappointed.  Though I do not have much liking towards Chinese food ,  my hubby is really fond of it and hence decided to give it a try.  All the dishes that we tried was really tasty and we ate to our hearts content . The highlight however was the dessert ( lychee with icecream ) and it is something not to miss as I have never ever has such sweet tasting lychees.. Do give it a try

Kurumba maldives restaurant prices
Ming Court- Kurumba Maldives

A special thanks to Mr. Kutubuddin who served us with great earnest during our dinner. Full menu of Ming court can be found here.

4 days had just whizzed by and in 2 more days we would be heading back home. But we had something to look forward to as we were upgrading to a pool villa for the last 2 days and were really excited !!! 
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