My Statement Necklace Collection

Wondering where the term statement necklace originated from,but it has for sure captured the minds of several young ladies out there.Your attire or outfit is never complete without appropriate accessories.The accessories should complement the outfit & not be a bling bling show. If the colors of the outfit is bright, we have to go for neutral colored accessories and remember to always concentrate on one thing; if earrings are too heavy, go for a subtle necklace or rather avoid one but never wear heavy ones together. If the necklace is going to be a statement necklace, avoid flashy big earrings & divert the attention to one of the accessories.

So why all this sudden advice regarding outfit/style etc.. I know you people would have guessed it.. Yes this is a post to show off all the statement necklaces I own.So lets get started.

Aldo Accessories India - Aldo Accessories - Starfish Necklace
Star Fish Necklace- Aldo Accessories, Dubai Mall

Forever 21 Dubai Mall, Dubai Mall Shopping, Dubai Shopping
Forever 21 - Dubai Mall

Interesting Information : Bugis Market in Singapore always has excellent offers for accessories ; You can pick up any 3 article for 10 SGD. I got lovely statement necklaces just for 10 SGD.

Bugis Singapore Shopping, Statement necklace India
Bugis Market Shopping

Bugis Market Singapore Shopping, Statement Necklace Trend
Red Statement Necklace - Bugis Market 

Statement Necklace-Bugis Market Singapore-Singapore Shopping- Singapore Statment Necklaces
Cream color Statement Necklace - Bugis Market, Singapore

Statement Necklaces- Bugis Market Shopping Singapore
Green Colored Statement Necklace- Bugis Market, Singapore
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