Pearl Flavored Waxing , Hit or Miss ?

Flavoured Waxing Experience at Shanaz Hussain Starlights Salon in Chennai

Come weekends, there are a list of things to do stuff running in my mind. It is the time I get for pampering myself.I read reviews about chocolate wax in one of the beauty blogs and everyone said it caused lesser pain than the normal wax. So I wanted to give it a try & headed to Shahnaz Hussain Starlights Salon in Chennai. 

The manager at the salon knew me well and advised me to go for a herbal wax or a pearl wax which was the most demanded one off late.She told me that it would clear all the marks that was caused due to razor or hair removal creams after 3 or 4 sessions.I was reluctant at first finding it difficult to change the decision I made earlier, but then I gave in & decided to experiment.

Come lets find out my experiences, whether I came home

 like this

or this ?

I tried out the pearl waxing for my under arms.They said that the product took a long time to heat up(was waiting for about 40 minutes).

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The process : 

1 : Unlike the application of powder in the normal waxing, they applied a cream on to the skin at first.

2 : The wax was applied to a small portion at first & there was no hot or sticky sensation at all. Did they really heat it up for 40 minutes?.I was happy that I did not feel anything hot.

3 : Then as usual using a wax strip they pulled out the hair. I experienced the same kind of pain that I have in the usual ones but.... it lasted only for seconds unlike the ordinary one which caused burning sensation to me the whole day.

4 : The whole process took about 10 minutes and the results were good in terms of lesser burning sensation. They then applied another lotion probably an astringent which was soothing.

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Pricing :

Any type of flavored waxing is priced at INR 300 plus service tax.

I did not see any skin lightening effect as of now(too selfish I know, she wanted me to try it 3 to 4 times). The burning sensation that I usually have the whole day was not there this time. I felt more relaxed during the process since it was done portion by portion and not the entire thing at a stretch while I am usually shedding tears in front of the parlor girls.

I wanted to share my experience with you so that one can benefit from the pains and agonies of waxing.

Pros :

1 : Lesser pain because of dividing into sections.

2 : No burning sensation later on

3 : Non sticky

4 : Did not feel the heat in the wax.

Cons :

1 : Too pricey, the ordinary one is INR 70...

2 : They made me wait for 40 minutes.. Ha Ha

I will talk about the skin lightening effect if it happens after the third trial...
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