Tips on maintaining your Silk Sarees

I know how happy a girl can be when she buys a saree, but it does not end there. There goes a lot into maintaining it well, in order to use it for many years. When it comes to silk sarees, it is completely a different ball game. 

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I really cherish them and see to it they are maintained well.Now lets head on to the tips :

1 : Remove the Silk Saree from the cardboard box and store them in a cloth bag(or muslin cloth or dhoti cloth) that lets the saree breathe.

2 : Use some Closet Storage Fresheners with natural ingredients such as sandalwood.

3 : Do not spray your perfume directly on to the saree because it has the tendency to stain the silk.

4 : Fold the saree in such a way that the Zari is on the inside and does not rub against other sarees.

5 : Refold the sarees every 2 months to avoid fading on the folded crease.

6 : Store the saree in a dark cool place.

7 : See to it that you are using a lot of sweat absorbing powder because sweat tends to stick onto to your blouse and cause a stain.

8 : Once you use the saree , immediately open it fully & air dry it on a hanger.Do not dry it under direct sun.

9 : For about 4 years after buying the saree, do not wash the saree and only do dry cleaning. It is important to give it for dry cleaning before you choose to wear it and not after you have worn it.

10 : After about 5 or 6 years, wash the saree in water with a mild shampoo and wash the zari border & saree portion separately. If you do not wash your saree, there is a chance that the saree corners will start tearing after about 15 years.

11 : Any oily stain can be removed by applying some talc on that portion immediately & then later giving it for dry cleaning.

12 : Do not twist or crush the saree while washing it.

13 : Press the saree in medium heat with newspapers or other cotton clothes in between layers of silk.

14 : Use less sharp safety pins on your sarees to avoid holes in the saree.

15 : Do not use sharp objects for blouse design on your left sleeves as well as the back side of the blouse that comes in contact with your saree. I have had problems because of this & every time, my zari tends to get stuck in the chamkis & the thread starts coming out.

silk sarees maintenance tips- silk sarees south indian style-kancheepuram silk sarees
The blouse design to avoid

Hope the tips are useful for you girls and do shoot out your questions.
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