Trip to Paris & Switzerland Day 4 - The Pantheon, Eiffel Tower

Hint Hunt Paris

Though there a lot of attractions to keep the first time tourist happy while in Paris , we had decided that we would also try to squeeze in some time to try out something different while in Paris, something we had not done before.
So while searching for some interesting things to do in Paris, Hint Hunt Paris was something that was highly recommended in Tripadvisor , and after our visit we can clearly see why.

Hint Hunt Live Escape Game Paris
Hint Hunt Paris - at Rue Beauborg

Hint Hunt Paris Live Escape Game tripadvisor rated no 1
Hint Hunt Paris- A really interesting escape game

Hint Hunt Paris is a live escape game played as a team ( 2-5 members ) where the main aim of the game is to escape the room.  There are 2 rooms at Hint Hunt Paris and we played in the first room and were given 1 hour to escape the room. As a part of the game rules we cannot share any more details about the games online ( to make it fun and interesting for others ) , but we can say that it is a well designed game that will really test you.  

This is one of the best ways to spend 1 hour in Paris if you are looking for some excitement and we can t wait to play our next live escape game.  We were 5 of us but we were unable to escape. 

Cost : The game cost EUR 95 for 5 of us and we took the 10 AM slot on a Wednesday ( Morning slots are cheaper than evenings and weekend slots ).

Quick Note :  I was the most active player among my whole family & found out maximum clues.. !!! Self Pat


·    If you are playing a live escape game for the first time , just keep in mind that these games are usually designed in a way to keep you working till the last second, hence time is very critical.  Hence the key to a successful escape is starting of really quickly and not wasting time by contemplating too much.

·    Book well in advance as the slots get filled up very quickly. We booked nearly a month in advance.

Street Shopping at Rue Saint Denis

Our original plan was to slowly walk to the Rue Montorgueil from Hint Hunt Paris as we had heard some great reviews about that street . But unfortunately it started raining and we took cover in this beautiful little café on the way. 

Street side cafes in PAris
This was a beautiful little cafe close to Hint Hunt Paris

Paris cafes and food
Really bright and quirky interiors

Paris food specialities
Caramel Crepe- Really Yum- Could not stop eating

We had heard from the guys at Hint Hunt Paris that there were equally good shopping streets in the neighborhood and that we should check them out, so we decided to skip Rue Montorgueil and look around the neighborhood and did some street shopping at Rue St Dennis ( which is a 5 minute walk from Hint Hunt Paris ).

paris shopping street
Really colorful shops at Rue St Dennis

paris shopping cheap
Good collection at affordable prices

paris travel guide tips blog
Shops had great discounts - Apparel really good

paris french street food
Just around the corner is this Resaturant- The name caught our attention

parisian food
If you want to grab something quick there are number of smaller joints

Lunch @ Saravana Bhavan, Gare Du Nord

We were looking for some South Indian Restaurant for lunch and we had previously read that about the large number of Indian restaurants , walking distance from the Gare Du Nord Metro Station. So we boarded the Metro at Etienne Marcel and took the M4 line towards Clignan court and got down at Gare Du Nord.

paris tour itinerary
We boarded the Metro from Etienne Marcel to Gare du Nord

paris in 5 days travel tips
Tried and Trusted Saravana Bhavan

south indian veg food in France
Other options also available in the same street-  You have Sangeetha, Madras Cafe

The Pantheon

Post a really sumptuous South Indian Thali we took the RER B train from Gare du Nord to Cité Universitaire and got down at Luxemborg Metro station. The Pantheon is just a 5 minute walk away from the exit.

The Pantheon was originally built as a church is now the final resting place for some of the distinguished French citizens of yesteryear. The Pantheon is a building very famous for its beautiful architecture ( both interior and exteriors ) and the crypt that houses the remains of the most famous people in French History.

If your knowledge of French history is not great you may not be able to experience the significance of the place ( This is something that we felt ). Moreover the building was under renovation that did spoil a bit of the charm of the building.  But if you have some extra time it is a good place to spend 1-1.5 hours learning about the French History , while enjoying  the charming Latin quarter of Paris.

The Pantheon in Paris
The Pantheon under renovation

PAris tour plan

Paris travel attractions - The Pantheon
Small size model of the Pantheon

paris attractions list The PAntheon
Some pics from the crypt

Crypt of Braille- One among the few people we had heard off

Crypt of Voltaire

The other famous personalities that we recognized included Victor Hugo , Marrie and Pierrie Curie. 

Tip : There are guided tours available and if possible do take one. We did not take a guided tour and we feel our experience could have been better with a guided tour.

Cost of Ticket : Eur 7.5 without guided tour

paris attractions tickets
The PAntheon Ticket - Eur 7.5, Eiffel Tower ticket - Eur 15

Jardin de Luxemborg

Just a 5 minute walk away from the Pantheon is the famous and beautiful gardens - Jardin de Luxemborg. Lush beautiful gardens with a beautiful fountains are reminiscent of Paris , and Parisians love to spend time relaxing in these gardens.

public parks in paris
Inside the Jardins

So after our visit to the Pantheon , it had started raining again, and we decided to take some cover at the Jardins de Luxemborg , before we headed over to the Eiffel Tower.

jardins in paris
Really beautiful- A Great place to relax

Eiffel Tower :

No visit to Paris is complete without a visit to the Eiffel Tower and takings its famous lifts to the top to take in the views of Paris.

Some useful info that can help your planning :

  1. There are 3 levels at the Eiffel Tower – First floor , Second Floor ( 115 metres )  and the Summit ( 276 metres ).  The first floor has some old pictures of the Eiffel Tower, the second floor has some souvenir shops along with a viewing deck . If you are only at the Eiffel Tower for the views from the top , then head straight to the summit. The summit has a enclosed and open viewing platform which gives 360 degree panoramic views of the whole of Paris and is the main attraction.
  2. You will need to take 2 elevators to reach the summit. The first elevator from the base will take you to the second floor (with a stop at the first floor) . At the second floor you need to change lifts to reach the summit.  
  3. We took the ticket to the summit directly. It gave us access to First , second floors and the summit. It cost us 15 EUR per adult. We went directly to the summit and while coming back down we explored the first and second floors.
  4. The best times to go are around 9 in the evening(because sunset is at 9:45 pm) as you can see Paris during both day and night when the lights come on.
  5. The Eiffel tower sparkles once every hour from 9 in the night and is really a spectacle to behold. So wherever you are in Paris do make sure to catch the sparkling at least once.
  6. During summers the total wait times for the elevators can be longer than 2-3 hours in the evenings. (There is a wait time at the base and then again in the second floor where you change lifts to get to the summit. ) So plan accordingly or book a skip the line tours from tour operators that will take you to the top. ( Skip the line tickets are more expensive than the ordinary tickets and need to be booked in advance for specific time slots )
  7. If you are up for an adventure / if you want to avoid the queues at the base you can try walking up the stairs all the way up to the second floor. However you need to take the elevator from the second floor to the summit.
  8. Taxis are plenty at the Eiffel Tower ( There is a taxi stand right in front ) , so you need not worry even if you want to be stay later in the night , and want to avoid the Metro.

eiffel tower paris
Eiffel Tower - With Lights on

We were really lucky because it rained heavily that evening and hence the crowd was very less & we had amazing views from top.

at the top of eiffel tower paris
Tried to capture a pic of Eiffel Tower standing right below- The feeling when you look up is surreal

eiffel tower history
Views from the Summit

eiffel tower tickets
You can see Invalides in the distance

observatory deck in eiffel tower
River Seine and whole of Paris as seen from the top
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