MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil Usage Challenge - Month 2

First of all I would like to say a big SORRY for being away from blogging. I was busy with shifting our house and there is a lot of transition happening in my personal life. Will surely post the updates once things are through.. I was not able to reply to comments and visit other blogs as frequently as before and this might continue for a while. A big apology for that.

So coming back to the post, I was not very sincere in my hair oiling routine due to the same reasons as above. But I have been trying my level best to at least use it twice a week and before washing my hair. The stress I am going through has been the highest last week.

I have been experiencing hair fall lately due to the stress but I did apply a Henna hair pack to cool down my body and reduce the hair fall.

Read about MABH oil here.

Changes observed due to usage of MABH :

1 : My hair does not get tangled much these days.

2 : I have not got any split ends till now even after 6 months after hair cut.

3 : The volume has increased even though I am experiencing hair fall simultaneously.

4  : All the small length hair have grown and the crown portion looks quite dense.

5 : The length of my hair has not increased much - I do not know why since I do not have split ends also. I have this problem where my hair grows up to an extent and then it stops growing. Maybe this is genetic but I want my hair to be lustrous and thick. Let us see whether it improves now since my stress level has reduced and now I am back to my schedule.

Food Habits :

  • I have managed to eat Fenugreek seeds regularly these days , so I think in the long run it will surely prove to be effective in controlling hair fall and promoting growth.

  • I am also taking 4 almonds everyday.


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