2 States - The Story of my Friendship

When Harine met Krupa : 

What do you think 2 bloggers hailing from Tam Brahm families , one raised in Chennai and one raised in Bangalore & London, talk over a cup of coffee?? 

About Filter Kaapi, Carnatic Music, Silk Sarees and rave about Tamil Cinema ?

That's not what we ended up doing but a rather breezy chit chat in the evening watching the sunset and discussed a lot on blogging. By the way we did some fun photo shoot as well in our traditional Silk saree & a modern spring summer attire.

Krupa and I started talking after she won in my blog giveaway and we have been good friends since then. Her blog has interesting sections like Avatar where she styles a dress in multiple ways and her monthly favorite beauty products.She is such a vibrant person who can transmit her positive energy to everyone around her.. 

To know more about Krupa, visit her blog @ ishtyleawhile .

Here are the pics for you :

MS blue silk saree from KAnchipuram Prakash Silks
MS blue silk saree from Kanchipuram

south indian brahmin saree look
Me holding the Tambura for the first time- Do not think I am a pro

Kanchipuram silk saree
Traditional South Indian Tamil Look

traditional silk sarees from AKnchipuram
Kanchipuram Silk Saree 

traditional south indian gold eyemakeup
traditional south indian gold eyemakeup
Silk saree from Kanchipuram prakash Silks
Silk saree from Kanchipuram Prakash silks

floral printed white top for summer
Floral Top for Spring/Summer

colorful statement necklaces for summer
How to pair a bright statement necklace with a floral top? 

bright multi colored statement necklace
Bright multi colored statement necklace

pairing a white top with jeans & skirt
Styling a white top for summers

Beauty bloggers in Chennai and Bangalore
US !!! 

Chennai beauty bloggers
Beauty Bloggers We Are

Photos shot by Venky Photography 

Reach him @venkyphotography on instagram
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