MABH Hair Growth Challenge Season 2 - Month 1

Inspired by the Star Vijay's Jodi No 1, Airtel Super Singer and Kalaka Povadhu Yaaru Seasons, I named this post - MABH Hair Growth Challenge Season 2.

You can read more about MABH Hair Oil and my previous Hair Growth here.

MABH hair Oil

Lancy of MABH was unable to send out products due to some personal reasons and hence I could not continue my previous growth journey. When she sent out new bottles, I decided to chop off my hair and start afresh. I had developed a lot of split ends due to poor maintenance and I totally regret it.

Anyways, I had my hair cut in Toni N Guy and I would not call it a great experience since the Senior Stylist blatantly said, nothing would work on my hair and he said only a straight cut would be done. Though I appreciate his straightforwardness, he was trying to promote a few products or treatments that would work for my hair. I have no plans of undergoing any chemical treatment since my hair already looks limp.I am experiencing a bit of dry scalp too but the condition is getting better since I have started using MABH hair oil now.

I would rate my experience as an average one but I am happy that my hair is now back to looking healthy. 

These are the pics of my hair after the hair cut :

MABH Hair oil review
My new Hair length

The Brown tinge is because of my regular Henna use which the senior stylist asked me to stop since it would lead to dryness eventually.

MABH hair oil benefits

I have started using MABH Hair oil regularly again and will post the growth updates every month.
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