Vista Prints Website review & my Business Card

Blogging was started as just a medium for me to help people decide which product to buy and which to skip. It slowly started taking more shape and I started getting recognized for my work.So much of effort goes for writing one post - content, pictures and editing and lastly SEO. There are 1000s of blogs out there , but how do you create visibility for your blog ?

When our relocation to Singapore got finalised  , the fear of being lost in the new place began inside me. What would happen to my contacts I made in India ? How do I establish myself in the new place ? Indian beauty blogging is quite different from Singapore's. The way we dress up is different from how a Singaporean dresses up, our products are different from theirs. I wanted to introduce myself to co bloggers and brands here in a professional way. So I decided to get my business card printed to distribute it to the brands, PRs whenever I attend any event.

One of my friends Sindhu from had recently ordered her business card and I felt it was really nice. On inquiring with her I came to know that she had ordered it online from a website called Since I had only a few  days before I left Chennai , I was apprehensive whether I would get my cards before leaving  , but decided to give it a try and placed my order with Vistaprints.

Vistaprints website review
Vistaprints website 

Vistaprints website for business cards
Vistaprints website for business cards

Vistaprints & my experience :

1 : Placed my order on 3/8/2015 and received the mail confirmation for the same on 4/8/2015. I used one of their standard template formats and just added my details. They have designs for each category which makes it simple for you to search and edit.

View LargerPremium Business Card
Item #: AHT-001

200Rs. 209

Blank Reverse Side
Item #: AJY-001
New Premium Thick Matte Paper 350 g/m²
Item #: AKD-001
Merchandise:Rs. 209
Shipping Charges:Rs. 75
Tax:Rs. 11
Total:Rs. 295

2 :  Received the cards on 6/8/2015 and it was neatly wrapped. The cards were placed in card holders and it was very easy for me to carry them to Singapore and I still store them in it.

3 : I also received an invoice copy on 6/8/2015 for the same.

I was very happy with their delivery since I wanted to get my cards before I left Chennai.

Business cards online India
My business card from Vistaprints

My recommendation : 

For start up companies and bloggers like me, Vista prints proves to be an affordable & easy option for ordering business cards.

This is not a sponsored post. The cards were purchased by me. 
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