Did you hear the ECHO ? DECO HOME is here !!!

How many of us pay heed to the Aesthetics of our house as much as we pay heed to ourselves ? It does not look good if we do not give enough attention to every single detail of the house decor be it the color of the cushion cover, the bedding or even the curtains. How many of us spend time in color coordinating all this stuff so that each room looks like how it should look and gives us a good positive vibe when we get back home from a stressful day?

Well, my latest obsession is Home Decor and I am sure you all must have watched the Video here , where I have talked about the recent Home Decor stuffs that I purchased. The list is not over yet and I have yet another post about the Home Decor items I recently bought from my trip to Bali. But why am I talking about that here ? Of course, it was for the article to get into the right mode - Yes, I have a website to be introduced here for my readers who are crazy about Home Decor just like me.

Cushions for Sofa

Bed linen from DecoHome
Bed Linen from DecoHome

Presenting Decohome , Well lets here it from them :

About DecoHome :

Deco Home is a domestic endeavor of Jayanita Exports Pvt Ltd. The success of the company's products in international markets has encouraged us to launch a brand in concert with designers from the world for introducing a dedicated, decorative curtain hardware collection, the first of its kind for the Indian market. In the recent years not only we have cemented our position in the curtain hardware market, but also have successfully marketed, under DecoHome, our soft goods such as Bedding sets, Cushions and Runners.

In collaboration with 11 retail chains and more than 100 stores spread all over the country, Deco Home offers wide-ranging Home solutions for each and every Indian home. The range includes classic to modern profiles. Each piece is engineered for durability, functionality & aesthetics and together with Add on Rods, Special Brackets & Rings give you endless possibilities to indulge any design impulse.

Our commitment to provide ‘Complete Home Solutions’ lies in our expertise to decorate your Home in an affordable and user-friendly manner yet meeting the highest quality, which is our priority. Through our Home treatments we provide satisfaction to our customers—a satisfaction, which we believe is our path to excellence.

They have International Shipping as well and it is absolutely free .

Wall Mounting Stand
Wall Shelves
Cushion covers India online
Cushion covers India online

International Shipping
Unlike many other web sites that have special rules and lots of fine print, we want you to know we value you and that is why there is absolutely no 'fine print'. Decowindow offers free shipping on all orders placed on our website, with no minimum order size or exceptions. Just because shipping is free for all our customers doesn't mean it should take a long time. Decowindow understands that getting your items quickly is important to you, so we make every effort to process your order quickly. 

When you order from our website, we will ensure that your order gets dispatched within 24 hours and gets delivered within 5 business days thereon. In some cases, it may take longer to receive the shipment depending on your location and accessibility especially for international shipping. 

We do not ship the order in parts, so if your order gets delivered incomplete or you receive a part delivery refuse to accept it. The label pasted on the box mentions the packet # & the total number of packets, do not accept delivery if you are delivered less than the total number of packets.

If you believe that the product is not in good condition, or if the packaging is tampered with or damaged, before accepting delivery of the goods, please refuse to take delivery of the package, and call our Customer Care or mail us at, mentioning your order reference number. We shall make our best efforts to ensure that a replacement delivery is made to you at the earliest.

Currently, there is no shipping charges for our domestic customers and for our international customers.

My Opinion on Deco Home :
Their product variety : is an one stop shop for all things HOUSE - right from curtains, blinds, curtain rods, door sealsdecorative cushions, beddings and decorative wall shelves.Shopping for Home Decor becomes so much more interesting now with lot of varieties available online. 
You can easily color coordinate stuff and get it delivered at your doorstep , without having to pay anything extra for the delivery and shipping. The fabrics range from plain, Polyester to rich Jacquard and in various price ranges too , to cater to everybody's needs.
Hosting a party or a Cocktail night at your farm house ? Their garden torches can do wonders and still prevent you from burning a hole in your pocket.  

Decorative wall shelves
Decorative wall shelves

Their Sister Websites :
DecoHome has 3 different websites dealing with Home Decor products categorized as DecoHome, DecoWindow and DecoEssential.
DecoHome deals with beddings, cushion covers, door seals etc.
DecoWindow deals with curtains, curtain rods, blinds and other appropriate window accessories.
DecoEssential is a miniature of both the sites , but more budget friendly, and has the best of both the sites.

Window blinds online India
Runners from Decohome

Shipping & Purchasing becomes so much easier :
International shipping being free is something too good for people like me living abroad , but still wanting to have an Indian style decor at home for a more feel at home effect.
The site has everything and I feel the price is quite affordable for the quality of the products.The payment can be made through Debit/Credit Card and also Amazon account, if you have one, and the payment modes are completely secure.
Current Sale on their Website :
Diwali is all about Happiness and go get your home a quick makeover with DecoHome's Diwali offers.
So what are waiting for ? This Diwali, decorate your home with Decohome and make it all the more colorful.

DecoWindow Diwali sale

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This is a sponsored post but the opinion expressed is honest.
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