Aroma Essentials Peppermint Foot Scrub Review

How can we take care of ourselves when we head back home after a tired day ? 

1 : A good cup of coffee or tea

2 : A relaxing bath

3 : A relaxing massage 

4 : Some music

5 : A foot soak and a mini pedicure which actually works like magic.

Of course, our laziness is the biggest enemy when it comes to implementing all these ideas , but sometimes I do take efforts in doing these things to get rid of my tiredness.

You all know I am currently testing some skincare products from Aroma Essentials and one among my favorites from the products that I got is the Aroma Essentials Peppermint Foot Scrub , which smells heavenly & works wonders on my feet.

Aroma Essentials Peppermint foot scrub
Aroma Essentials Peppermint foot scrub

Review of Aroma Essentials Peppermint Foot Scrub :

The Aroma Essentials scrub comes in a tiny plastic jar and it is so light weight, that it can be easily taken with you anywhere. The contents do not have any chemicals in them and are freshly made by Madhurima who owns the brand.

The scrub needs to be stored in the refrigerator so that the contents do not get spoiled since it is 100 % preservatives/chemicals free. The scrub smells of peppermint & even a sniff of the product literally energizes you. 

It has small dried rose petals to add to the authentic natural effect of the product and it acts as an exfoliating agent too when used. 

Aroma Essentials NAtural Skincare products
Aroma Essentials Foot Scrub

How should we use it ?

First dampen your feet or soak it for 10 minutes in warm water so that your skin would become soft. Or you can simply use the scrub after your bath in the shower. Take a little amount of scrub and exfoliate your feet by rubbing in circular motions.

How does the scrub help?

The scrub has a very unique texture - it has particles that seem quite big,  but it works so gently on the skin that you will not feel any abrasion effect. The scrub gently removes dead cells & makes your feet smooth & soft. My skin is very dry & I often get cracked heels.Peppermint cools your body & thus this scrub has reduced the cracks in the heels which is a big relief for me.

My feet also feels soft & moisturized after every use and I follow it up with a foot mask that I got from Health & Glow which is really affordable. I also wear socks to retain the moisture. 

Aroma essentials foot scrub seems to be working on the tan on my feet as well and it has visibly improved my skin tone. I do not know if it contains properties for tan removal but it could be because of the exfoliation it does.I personally love the fresh smell and it is so soothing after a tiring day. 

Note: The dried flower petals can clog your drain holes. So use it inside a tub of water & discard the petals in the bin.

Shelf Life : 6 months

natural handmade foot scrub recipe
Peppermint Foot Scrub at affordable prices

Price of Aroma Essentials Foot Scrub : INR 350 for 75 gms.

How to make peppermint foot scrub at home naturally
Homemade Natural peppermint foot scrub

Pros of Aroma Essentials Foot Scrub : 

1 : Works wonders on my cracked feet

2 : Smells heavenly & soothes you down.

3 : It would last for at least 10 to 12 usages depending on the dead cells on your feet. 

4 : Affordable

5 : 100 % natural

Cons of Aroma Essentials Foot Scrub :

1 : It leaves behind a patchy pastel green kind of a shade on the feet & that could remain for a day. 

2 : The dried flower petals tend to clog the drain holes in the bathroom.

Overall I feel it is a great product for at home foot spa & is affordable too. I would surely repurchase this.

* PR sample, but opinion expressed is honest.
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