A Tribute to Madras

Enga ooru Madrasu
Idhuku Naanga Dhaane Addressu...

Goes this song from the movie Madras which means, Madras is our city and we are it's address. Those who have visited or lived in Chennai will relate to the vibes of the city. The city is however represented by a lot of cliches in movies which I am going to break in this post & bring out the colors of this city through my lens.

First Dose of Filter Kaapi,
While scanning the Headlines of THE HINDU
Amma juggles between Kolams & Dosas
While chanting the hymns of LORD MURUGA
Auto Annas govern our commute to work
Where your Colleague talks about the latest THALAIVAR flick..
Summer of 365 is Chennai's Anthem
But the Bajjis & Bondas keep the heat at fathom
Where's the Party tonight ? 
Marina Beach is where we head at twilight

Those were my lines 

Namma Chennai Chance e Illa ....

So in this post, I am going to take you around some interesting places in Chennai and give you an insight into this City where I was born and raised.

Chennai Through my lens :

1 : Cliched Chennai : The first thing they show about Chennai in any movie will be the Central Railway Station. A 138 year old Gothic Revival Architectural building standing in a great location connecting every part of India possible.

Chennai Central Railway station
Chennai Central Railway station

2 : Shopping : Mall shopping to Street Shopping - we have everything for you. Of course, all cities have them but what is special about Chennai ? Mint street famous for street shopping and wholesale products is the second longest street in the World.(maybe the narrowest too).

express avenue chennai
Express Avenue

Mint street Chennai
Mint street Chennai

street shopping in Parrys Chennai
Street Shopping in Parrys , Chennai

3 : Eating Out : Chennai caters to all your food cravings be it the Vadas , Bajjis , Pani Puris or Jalebis or the Midnight ice cream cravings. From the Kayendhi Bhavans to ITC Grand Chola, Chennai has everything and at every price. I miss my evening hot hot Samosas a lot. Do not miss the Filter Coffee.

filter coffee chennai
Filter Coffee in Chennai

Dosa sambhar Chennai
Mini Tiffin from Chettinad Saiva Bhavan, Chennai

Bhel Puri chaat Chennai
Bhel Puri from  Kakkada, Parrys

Dhahi Papdi Chaat
Dhahi Papdi Chaat from Kakkada, Parrys

4 : The Marina Beach : Everyone who steps into Chennai will not leave the city without paying a visit to The Marina Beach and putting some Kadalai(into their mouth)(Pun Intended).

Marina beach Chennai
Marina beach Chennai in the morning

Marina beach Chennai things to do
Fisherman getting ready..

walking near the Marina beach
Walking path along the Marina beach

5 : Places of Worship : Of we have many of them to cater to the believes of all. 

Churches in Chennai
Churches in Chennai

Temples in Chennai
Temples in Chennai

Churches to visit in Chennai
Churches to visit in Chennai

Jain temples Chennai
Jain Temple in Parrys, Chennai

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