Sunny Side Up - Outfit Ideas for Bright Sunny Days

I have been used to only hot summers predominantly in Chennai & Singapore is quite similar except that I sweat even more here. Experiencing just one weather throughout the year has its own advantages such as eliminating the need for buying different set of clothing for every season & disadvantages such as not being able to experiment with different colors & textures of clothing.

The compilation of outfits that I have for you are not the ones I wear in Singapore because I would end up sweating like a pig & I always prefer light airy cotton clothes.Nevertheless, in today's article , I am going to be giving you some ideas for a hot, sunny , bright island vacation.These are the outfits I sported during my Bali trip and you can see how I have paired the accessories for each one of them.

Outfit No 1 : An A line full skirt & a plain black top

Skirts are again back now with more varied and fun , floral prints. I love floral prints and Bali was one such place, that I did not want to miss flaunting my floral skirt.

Styling a floral skirt
Floral skirt with colorful statement necklace

Styling a colorful statement necklace
Bold colorful Statement necklace

purple smoky eyes
Purple Smoky eyes

Statement Necklace : Malaysia Central Market Push cart
Top : Van Heusen
Skirt : Bugis Market, Singapore
Hat : H & M, Paris

Outfit No 2 : Bright Summery Yellow Top with interesting necklace 

Bright Yellow Top for summer
Bright Yellow Top from iSetan

Commercial street Bangalore shopping necklaces

BLACK & Gold necklace
Black & Gold Combo necklace & Footwear

Balinese Girl outfit
Outfit for Bali Vacation

Statement Necklace : Commercial Street, Bangalore from Gypsy
Top : iSetan, Kuala Lumpur, Read about my Malaysia haul here
Sandals  : Vincci, KL
Bag : Hidesign, Chennai

Tips for Dressing up in Bali :

1 : If you are visiting any Hindu temple, make sure you are wearing full pants or skirts. Otherwise you would have to get a Sarong to cover yourself up since it is considered as their custom.

Straight from my heart :

I am just praying for the rains in Chennai to stop & let The Sun God come out & shine bright.I had a tough time establishing contact with my family and they are fine with enough supplies.I feel a little helpless staying away from home & my city.
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