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My Daily Life Snippets : 

I was heading out somewhere & had to change trains at a particular train station where I saw this old Indian couple totally lost and standing there not knowing where they had to head to. So I approached them & asked them if they needed any help and the uncle asked me the way to go to one particular train. I guided them and they thanked me so much for helping them find their way. I was feeling really happy that I could offer some help to them and it kind of made my day.

So I am planning to include small snippets of my life in my post everyday and now lets get down to business.

How many times have you felt elated when you have found some interesting budget buys? I too recently had this feeling when I stumbled upon interesting stuff for really cheap prices in Cotton On, Singapore. Cotton on has a variety of apparels both for Men & Women at a decent price.Cotton On also has sportswear & inexpensive shoes & sunglasses. I recently stumbled into their store just to see if I could find some budget buys & did manage to find some great pieces.

I really enjoy shopping alone because it gives me the time to go through each & everything at a leisurely pace & this was one such occasion. I really gazed through every single product on sale & scrutinized them to find these budget beauties.Shopping with my husband is of course interesting, because sometimes he helps me find some awesome pieces really quickly, but that does not give me the satisfaction of having browsed through an array of articles.

So let us see what are the things that I bought :

Cotton On Singapore Haul post
Cotton On Singapore Haul 

Things purchased : 

1 : A huge Black Tote Bag - SGD 10 because I already had purchased for SGD 20 bill value. 

2 : A pair of retro polka dot sunglasses - SGD 5

3 : A pair of black slip on sandals - SGD 10

4 : A pair of sporty printed shoes - SGD 10

5 :  A cute water bottle - SGD 5

Cotton on Sale Time best buys
Cotton on Sale Time best buys

Rubi Shoes from Cotton On Singapore
Budget Shoes, Bag & Sunglasses

The pair of black sandals are not with me anymore because I had to return them due to some issues & got 2 pairs of beach slip-ons in lieu.

Here are the pictures of the 2 new flip-flops I got in stead of the black sandals ;

Rubi Shoes Flip Flops
Rubi Shoes Flip Flops

I wore the retro glasses here for the Retro look post here :

You can also have a sneak-peek here :

Retro Polka dot sunglasses from Cotton on
Retro Polka dot sunglasses from Cotton On

Cotton On always has offers going on for footwear & you can get 2 pairs for SGD 20 in almost all their stores across Singapore.

Note : I am not affiliated to the brand in anyway and I am sharing this information only for people who are planning a visit to Singapore some time.
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