Gel liner for SGD 2 ???

My first makeup craze started with eyeliners & I used to buy Maybelline & Lakme colored liners and try them. I used to be so fascinated by them and cherish them so much that when Maybelline first introduced their gel liner, I went crazy & bought it the same day it was released. I used to love how jet black it used to turn out. The only con of a gel liner was that it dries up really fast & it is tough to work with it in that stage. The brush too needs to be cleaned after every single use , in order to be able to work with it the next time , else the liner would dry up on the bristles too.

I kind of gave up on Gel liners and did not invest after that , until Maybelline revamped the packaging of their gel liners & claimed 36 hours stay time. I was tempted to try it out & had read enough reviews to convince myself to get it.  I finally gave in and bought it and again had a great love affair with it, until I had no time to use a gel liner & now it sits there like a rock , not budging even a little bit.

I have time to only use a liquid liner & I prefer it for a thin application. I had gone to this store called Daiso in SG recently for some home needs , when I stumbled upon their Cosmetics section(it was not a planned one- trust me). They do not have a huge cosmetics section,  but they have all the basic products and you know what ? Daiso retails all its products for 2 SGD.

My Rimmel London liquid liner had dried up and it is on the verge of finishing. So I wanted a liquid liner at first & then I saw this shiny little fellow hiding there. I could not resist the cute packaging & told to myself- Come on its just 2 SGD, nothing wrong in trying it out.

Daiso Japan Gel Liner Black review
Daiso Japan Black Gel Liner

That was the long story about my gel liner history & yes now I am going to review Daiso Japan's Gel Liner.

Review of Daiso Japan Gel Liner :

The packaging is so cute, that it caught my attention from a distance. It has this shiny, crystal kind of lid that reflects light & I fell for it. How was this possible for 2 dollars? There is so much product inside , that it would last you for a good 6 months even if used everyday. The brush is another breeze to work with and it is just like any other brush that you would get for a much more expensive liner.

Daiso Japan Singapore cosmetics section products
Daiso Japan Singapore cosmetics

The shade is jet black & the texture is quite creamy too. I found it very easy to work with this liner & it helps to create an easy medium to thick liner. 

The only con I felt was that some product that comes out during brush intervention tends to dry out into a small ball & there is a lot of wastage due to that. I know its hard to imagine what I am saying and hence the picture.

Black gel liner for 2 Dollars
Black gel liner for 2 Dollars

The liner stays put for about 7 hours for me and I am loving the jet black color. You need to wait for sometime for it to dry before you open your eyes widely, else it can smudge on your crease area.

Price : 2 SGD

Pros :

1 : Cheap

2 : Good pigmentation

3:  Jet Black shade

4 : Decent brush

Cons :

1 : Small leftovers get dried up.

swatch of black gel liner from Daiso Japan
Swatch of black gel liner from Daiso Japan

Jet black gel liner Singapore
Packaging of Daiso Gel Liner & Brush

Jet black gel liner EOTD
Daiso Japan black gel liner EOTD

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