Aroma Essentials Corrector Under Eye Night Gel Review

Aroma Essentials Corrector Under eye gel with saffron
Aroma Essentials Corrector Under eye gel with saffron

I am just back from a quick vacation in Bangkok with my husband and this was a much-needed break for both of us. We needed a getaway which was close by to Singapore as well as affordable and Bangkok was the first thing that came up to our mind.

We were there for 4 days and had loads of fun shopping and site seeing. We have exclusive travel posts with bits of vlogs and Shopping haul videos coming up. Now coming to today's post, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you are back from a trip?For me, it is definitely sleep deprived eyes and tons of things to unpack.

Speaking of tired eyes, I recently started using this under eye gel from the brand Aroma Essentials which is doing great rounds in the Indian market and is 100 % chemical free.The under eye gel helps me recover from tired, puffy eyes and is working wonders on my skin.

About Aroma Essentials Corrector Under Eye Night Gel:
Lightens skin by fading away the pigmentation. Contains Saffron, Vitamin A, B, B2 & C.

Aroma Essentials Skincare products Bangalore India
Aroma Essentials Under Eye Gel
My Review of Aroma Essentials Corrector Under Eye Gel:

The Aroma Essentials under eye gel comes in a small white plastic tub which is so handy and easy to carry. The lid sits tightly and we do not have to worry about any leakage of the product and it survived a flight journey from Chennai to Singapore safely.

The Aroma Essentials corrector under eye gel is in orange color with saffron threads in it. I basically love the fragrance which is predominantly from the saffron and the texture is so perfect, that it glides like a feather on our skin.
The gel consistency prevents any oily residue and it stays for a long time by being absorbed almost instantly by your skin. I remove my makeup, cleanse my face and then take a small amount of the gel and just dab it on my under eye area. It instantly cools my under eye area and feels refreshing after a tired, long day. The saffron and the other contents work really fast on the skin and the results can be observed in about 3 days which is really great for a 100 % natural product. Tough dark circles might definitely take more time to vanish unlike slight puffiness or darkness due to temporary sleep issues or tiredness.

Benefits of using the Aroma Essentials Corrector Under Eye Area:

1: Instantly cools the skin.

2: Gets absorbed easily.

3: Contains Saffron that can lighten the skin.

4: Clears the darkness on the under eye area

5: Reduces puffiness when you wake up in the morning.

6: Results are quite fast unlike other under eye creams in the market.

7: Dark circles that have occurred over a couple of months might not vanish instantly but temporary dullness due to lack of sleep will be cleared in a few days time.

Aroma Essentials products
Aroma Essentials Under eye gel for brightening

Price of Aroma Essentials Corrector Under Eye Gel: INR 150

Pros of Aroma Essentials Corrector Under Eye Gel:

1: Affordable compared to other under eye gels.

2: Product will be delivered to your address.

3: Chemicals free

4: Instantly refreshes your tired eyes.

5: Reduces puffiness & brightens the under eye area.

6: Ships internationally.


1: Nothing that I noticed.

Highly recommended!

Aroma Essentials Bangalore Madhurima
Aroma Essentials Bangalore Skincare products

Aroma Essentials India products for skincare
Aroma Essentials Saffron Corrector Under eye gel

*PR sample but opinion expressed is honest.
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