What one should learn from Life's experiences?

There is always a first time for everything , however, I was not really prepared for this one! To add to the agony, there were many other things that happened within a span of 24 hours which kind of shook me literally.

1 : Very first negative comment in my blogging journey which pretty much seems like an intentional negativity spreading one. Yes, it came t me as a shocker but now I am kind of okay with it. This person "Jaishri Honest Reviews" comments in a totally ruthless manner telling that I am giving fake reviews on this website called because they paid me to do so and we bloggers would do anything for money. Like seriously ? Grow up girl. I am someone who is generally very polite to people but I got really furious and commented back saying there was nothing fake in the review, and I could review only the product that I received. She had also posted a link to another review where this Youtuber rants about her bad experience with this website. Opinions differ and first of all , we bloggers don't get paid for doing product reviews. She commented back saying that this is the reason why I am still at 20 subscribers and the truth is always hurting etc which literally was very shocking to me. This was a very rude encounter for me and I was kind of disappointed initially but then came out of it thinking there are people always waiting to spread negativity in your life.

I started Youtube just because I wanted to see how it goes and wanted to experiment with videos as well. I do not really work on increasing my subscribers and if at all someone does subscribe, I am happy. Blogging gives me happiness and all those readers out there are like my extended family. My blog is like my first child, and I will keep it alive till I can.

2 : Just while I was still feeling a little low and decided to go to a nearby temple just to calm myself down and to also pray for a safe journey the next day, I encountered such a rude taxi driver for the very first time in Singapore who took a wrong route and then put the blame on me for misguiding him. Everything just aggravated the tension inside me as I was still quite perturbed from the negative comment. We were flying to Phuket the very next morning and in all this confusion, I set the alarm an hour later to what I was supposed to set. 

3 :  My husband and I are very meticulous in everything and especially while travelling we are extremely punctual and cautious. I really do not know how I set the wrong time on the alarm and we were supposed to leave the house at 6 am but I woke up at 6 am. I casually get things done and at 6: 16 am is when I realize that I have set the alarm wrong and that we were supposed to leave at 6 itself. Girls, please do not judge me and think how could one do that for which I really have no answer as to how it did not strike me. Well, Singapore's Airport & transport system is so efficient that we still had hopes of making it to the flight on time. We got ready & left the house at 6 : 25 am  and all the processes in the Airport was over by 7 : 05 am. House to Airport - 15 minutes and the whole process takes 15 minutes because we have separate immigration since we reside here. 

I wait at the gate still shaking from the fact that I had made a super grave mistake and was wondering what would have happened if at all I did not realize we were running so late. My husband kind of calmed me down saying not to think of "What if I had not realized" kind of thoughts and started distracting me with our travel agenda. To be very frank, he is someone who is "a not so cool "person when it comes to such things but he was really supportive that day.

I am extremely thankful to God for making my vacation a pleasant one and I could get out of such negative thoughts during these 4 days. I really wanted to pour down my thoughts to you girls out there and that is why this article.

Now, the things that one should probably learn from all this is, life is never smooth as you want it to be. Even the easiest of situation could work against you if your time is not all that good.So, learn to handle such situations tactically and put your tension at bay because that is when you will be able to think and act accordingly.

What did I learn from all these 3 things that happened to me?

1 : In situation no 1, I could have easily deleted her comment and marked it as a spam. I did not do that because I wanted everyone to know that there are some people who indulge in such negative activities. I just thank her for showing me what rudeness can be on Social media and how I should handle such things in the future.

2 : In situation number 2, I tried to stay calm, even though the taxi driver was not calm and was literally yelling at me for confusing him. I switched on google maps and the voice facility which would guide him to my destination. I was so hurt at the way he behaved but I really did not show it out and stayed calm throughout. I did not utter a word, handed over my card, paid the fare and stepped out at my destination. If I had gotten aggressive, things would have been messed up and I thank myself for behaving in a calm manner.

3 : When I realized I woke up late , the first thing I did was to wake up my husband and told him that we are running late and asked him if we can still make it to the flight. He said yes and that is all I remember and I was ready to leave the house in 9 minutes which is the fastest time that I have ever taken to get ready and leave.Things I learnt from this was that there is no use panicking and one has to think and take the next course of action. We also had our bags packed the previous night and did not have any incomplete work for the morning. The take away from this was, while setting the alarm next time, each of us would do separately in our phones and cross verify and not let a single person do it. Mistakes do happen and it is best when we accept it and think of the solution to the problem.

I am really sorry if there are any mistakes in this article because this was a kind of rant and not really a post. Do share your experiences with me if you have ever encountered such things in life and how it made you a strong person.
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