My First Day at School

She just got up hurriedly from the bed and ran to check the time just to realize it was 4 am in the morning and the alarm did not ring yet. She went back to bed with her heart still beating fast and thought to herself, " I still have 3 hours to sleep and 5 hours to get ready and go to school." This girl is none other than me and yes it was my first day at school. 
I know, each one of you out there is wondering what I am talking about and pondering if you should even read my blog from now on. Well, girls please do not close the browser and go anywhere and I shall break the suspense right now.

I have enrolled for a Diploma in Professional Makeup Artistry at one of Singapore's Well known Academy & today was my first class at makeup school.

Makeup is something I was passionate about since childhood and have always wanted to work in that industry. Of course, learning makeup can be done by watching Youtube videos but definitely in a country like Singapore, you need a professional course to even do freelancing which is why I chose to attend classes and establish myself as a Makeup Artist.Makeup and fashion are an integral part of me and I will never ever get bored with them and I will strive to be a good MakeupArtist just like how I have been regular with blogging because I just loved writing and ranting. 

I shall keep the blog engaged with more of makeup related posts and would also do more tutorials for you guys. I will also keep you guys posted as to how I am progressing in my class and for now I have some pictures to share.

Kryolan Professional Makeup Kit
My new Professional Makeup Kit

Professional makeup artist Kit bag Kryolan
Professional makeup artist Kit 

Singapore Bridal/Wedding Professional Makeup Artist
Bridal/Wedding Professional Makeup Artist Kit

Singapore Cheap/budget professional makeup artist
My Text & Notebook :)

As this was our first day, it was a very general class where we all introduced ourselves, understood the different tools needed and also some hygiene factors that Makeup Artists need to adhere to. I have got a lovely, fun loving teacher and I am really looking forward to the other lessons.
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