Organicmill Salve & Body Sunscreen Review

Organicmill Salve & Body Sunscreen
Organicmill Salve & Body Sunscreen

Once you start using natural skin care products, you would think twice before buying those chemical infused ones again.This is from my experience of working with 100 % natural skincare products from various brands. Though the results take some time to show explicitly, it definitely works way better than chemical based products and is safe to use.

I got this opportunity to work with the brand Organicmill , which is based out of Noida and is freshly prepared by Dishi, who owns the brand. She contacted me and sent 2 products over for me to try them & review them on the blog. You can read more about Organicmill here and contact her on the same Facebook page for orders.

Products that I received - Salve & Body Sunscreen with SPF 60

Organicmill Products India
Organicmill Products India

Review of Organicmill Salve & Body Sunscreen :

Packaging : I am totally impressed with the packaging of the products since they are very sturdy and at the same time light weight. The tub packaging comes with a firm lid and also a stopper to prevent any wastage of products. The instructions, ingredients, and directions for use are printed on the back and the product name on the front. A simple yet very thoughtful packaging that enables us to always carry it with us while going out.

Organicmill Products Price in India
Organicmill Products Packaging

Organicmill Salve Product Texture & Usage :

The texture of the salve is very creamy and it blends very easily onto the skin when blended with fingers. The heat in our fingers melts the product and it makes it really easy to apply it on the skin. It smells very mild and natural and is best suitable for cracked heels, chapped skin, rashes, and burns etc. Since the product is quite heavy , it is best suitable for night time usage and it is best to cover it so that it does not attract dirt. I use it on my feet at night and also on my dry elbows and cover my feet with socks so that the product gets absorbed into the skin better.I do not have cracks but my heel is always a bit dry with skin peeling off and this product has definitely reduced the dryness. Even my elbow joints feel a bit softer than before and continuous usage would prove beneficial.

Price : INR 400

Quite pricey but highly recommended !

Organicmill Body Sunscreen Texture & Usage :

The texture of the sunscreen is pretty thick and it takes a long time to blend into the skin. It takes about 10 minutes to be absorbed into the skin which is a bit annoying when you have to go out but at the same time you have to wait for this to be absorbed. It should be used only on your body and not on your face and contains many ingredients like Carrot Seed oil, Shea Butter which can moisturize your skin as well.It smells predominantly of carrot seed oil which is pretty strong but fades away with time. The sunscreen provides SPF 60 protection but it is too thick and may not be comfortable in places with high humidity. It feels a bit heavy on the skin and it provides protection for many hours against the sun and it would be useful for people going out lots in the sun.

Price : INR 500

High price and a bit heavy for everyday use. Useful to people with whole day exposure  to the sun.

Organicmill Products Noida India
Organicmill Products Salve & Sunscreen
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