Coffee, Spa and a Conversation - tete a tete with Jesper Hougaard,ED - Heaven On Earth Wellness

Jesper Hougaard,ED - Heaven On Earth Wellness
Conversation with Jesper Hougaard, ED - Heaven On Earth Wellness
It still feels like a dream that I just had a conversation with a person who runs several spas spread across several countries but still appears so down to earth. Although I was supposed to interview him about his newest addition of spa in Singapore Changi Airport, we had lots more to talk about and I had lots to learn from him. We discussed topics right from Indian Politics to travel to everything under the sun and it was a great pleasure to interact with him.

About Mr.Jesper Hougaard: (From

Jesper Hougaard is the Executive Director of Heaven on Earth Wellness. A Danish national, Hougaard completed his education in Denmark before beginning a career in the aviation industry. He worked in scheduled airlines, private charters, international aircraft trading and aircraft maintenance and Maldivian Air Taxi, which is the world's largest seaplane operator with 24 aircraft today. After a brief stint in the 5-star resort environment, he founded Serena Spa Pvt Ltd. Today, Serena Spa operates 7 spas in Maldives, 9 in India and also in Seychelles. Additionally, he is the board member of ISPA (International Spa Association) headquartered in the United States, and committee member, National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Wellness Providers, a unit of Quality Council of India.

Our little conversation all began in a Starbucks outlet at the airport over a cup of coffee and there was so much that we discussed. 

A little background about how he entered the Spa Business:

He decided to take the plunge into the Spa industry from the aviation industry and started the Serena Spa way back in 2000 in Maldives.He wanted the focus to be on Indian traditions, albeit with a contemporary twist, with high-quality levels the cornerstone. Serena Spa later joined hands with Heaven on Earth Wellness and launched several Airport Spas in India and Spain.

Why Airport Spa?

One of the questions that plagued my mind was regarding the company’s strategy to focus on airports for its outlets. When I had asked Mr.Jesper, this was his response “ Spas are a way for people to relax before heading out to any meeting or anything important after a tired flight. Flight delays play an important role and give people chances to explore options like spas to spend the rest of the time in the airport. Meditation Pods and Herbal teas are served at the end of the service which adds value to the service.

Why Singapore now?

Singapore offers a great working environment with straightforward law system and ease of operation for foreign companies. The SpaExpress at the Airport is licensed under Category 1 which is the highest that one can get. CASE TRUST Accreditated and the spa offers various services like Express Facials, Foot Massage, Foot Reflexology and even a quick dry massage for your back. The airport spa targets check in customers more than the transit customers and this strategy seems to be working great for them.

A few words about the Sundari range of products:

Traditional Indian recipes made in the US, in a contemporary way with no chemicals, to suit the needs of the changing society. They have a huge range of facials available to suit the needs of every client.

What makes your spa stand out among other competitors?

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Traditional techniques
  • High-quality products
  • Contemporary Spa Design

Future Plans & Marketing Strategies Adopted:

  • Expansion in South East Asia
  • Expansion in Europe

The main source of marketing is referrals and the Airport information Kiosk. Bloggers also play an important role in letting their readers know about such ventures. Continuous promotions in association with the airport and discounts for people registering through the kiosk.

That was the end of our conversation and we even took a photo together and he was so sweet to pose for me. He gave me a complimentary scented candle from the Sundari range as a token of appreciation.Looking forward to trying their Spa service soon...

Mr.Jesper Hougaard

Sundari Rose Scented candle
Sundari Rose Scented candle

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