Weight Gain During and Post Pregnancy

You all might wonder, why all of a sudden there is a wave of blog posts related to pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight gain in a mostly cosmetics dominated blog? It is just that I need to write down my experiences for me to remember in future and also sharing it to the world so that at least a few of them would benefit from it if not all - Remember, that was the sole purpose of why I started a blog - to give my readers some genuine insight into the cosmetics I tried and the places I visited.

Now, coming to the point, talking about my weight gain, I have always been quite on the heavier side and I made it a point to kind of bring down my weight before I got pregnant so that I will not look super gigantic when I am full term. I know this can sound funny for most of you but I was quite serious about this. My BMI has always been in the overweight category and hence I knew I had to gain less weight during pregnancy.

Weight Chart at different weeks

1: Before Pregnancy: 72 kgs

2: Week 7: First Doctor Appointment: 73 kgs

3: Week 12: 74 kgs

4: Week 16: 75.5 kgs

5: Week 20: 76.5 kgs

6: Week 24: 78 kgs( This has been the highest I have been in my whole life)

7: Week 29: 79.5 kgs(I was in India and the family's love has been reflected in my weight gain)

8: Week 32: 80.5 kgs

9: Week 35: 81.3 kgs

10: Week 37: 83 kgs(My doctor was quite worried that my baby would grow too big if I was going to keep increasing in this way and asked me to cut down sugary stuff)

11: Week 38: 83.5 kgs

12: Week 39: 83.5 kgs and then I delivered.

The weight was overall on my tummy and I looked the same and could fit into most of my old dresses except my saree blouses becoming tighter. (Those are your best indicators)

Immediately post delivery, I checked my weight to see if 3.1 kgs got deducted because of the baby weight but no.

2 days later I weighed myself and I was 81 kgs and still confused as to what happened to the baby weight and the weight of the placenta and other fluids.

I had taken a Jamu(Traditional Indonesian Massage) and that helped to reduce my water retention weight and I weighed 78 kgs after 5 days of massage.

Once I started pumping, I had to eat a lot of carbohydrates to increase the supply and started consuming rice, rice porridge, and lactation cookies which had lots of nuts. I started gaining weight and the fat is mainly concentrated on my upper body. It is natural for breastfeeding mothers to have more fat around your upper body to act as a safety mechanism to make good quality milk irrespective of whether you eat well or not. See the wonders of nature!

I gained about 3 kgs and I am currently 81 kgs. Since I started doing exercises and going for regular walks, I have lost a couple of inches although my weight is still the same. I have started feeling confident about myself with the way I am looking right now and I am sure as time progresses I will lose those extra kilos and manage to look fit.

Note: Although some women vouch for breastfeeding as their number 1 weight loss factor, for me it was reverse and I gained weight because of that.

When you are on the heavier side before pregnancy, one thing you must keep in mind is the glucose tolerance test which is done around 27 to 30 weeks of gestation. Luckily I was tested negative but I would generally advise trying to bring down your weight before you try to get pregnant so that you would feel lighter in your full term days. Becoming overly huge could be tough for your posture and your back and could cause backaches.
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