Miniso Japan Mini Makeup Haul

Miniso Japan is a shop that sells stuff from plush toys to earphones to makeup at a very affordable price and I have been waiting to try their stuff for quite some time. I cross Miniso every time I go to the mall but have not had an opportunity to shop and this time, I made a quick lone trip to the mall leaving my baby with my mother to check out their stuff.

Miniso Japan Singapore
Miniso Japan Haul

I had to buy a pair of earphones for my husband and I used this as an opportunity to check out the makeup section and grabbed some affordable stuff.
Those of you who have visited Singapore would be knowing how good these Japanese stores are and how good their collection is. So if you plan to buy certain products, you would surely end up with a lot more than you think.

Their cream lipsticks were so attractive to look at and I picked up 2 colours that I felt were apt for daily wear. They have a sponge roll on type applicator which makes the application process quite tricky but once you master it, then it becomes super easy.

Miniso Japan lipsticks
Miniso Japan lipsticks

I got a face powder but the colour is quite light for my skintone and it applies unevenly on the skin. I bought 2 makeup blending sponges similar to beauty blender but the quality is not great and one of it broke into 2 pieces while washing.

Miniso Japan best buys
Miniso Japan beauty blender

And at last, I got cotton pads for makeup removal which are quite nice but not as cheap as The Body Shop's when they have a sale.The quality of the cotton pad is quite good and the cotton does not come off as threads while cleaning.
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