Traditional Chinese Medicine based Shampoo - For Visibly Luxuriant Hair

We are always on the lookout for new hair care products to suit our hair needs according to our hair's texture, the changing seasons, and any temporary factors like hair coloring or any chemical treatments. What if I tell you that we just need one product that can handle all our needs and can also eliminate the use of a conditioner. Introducing Traditional Chinese Medicine based shampoo from The White Dragon Global called The Nature's Crown Shampoo.

WD TCM Nature Crown Shampoo
White Dragon TCM Shampoo

Nature's Crown Shampoo

About the Shampoo :

Nutrient-rich plant essences revitalize every strand of malnourished hair, restoring softness, radiance and vitality. The concentrated formula also rebalances your skin’s natural oils, soothing your scalp and improving circulation—the foundation of beautiful, lustrous hair.
*After regular use
  • Reduces hair loss
  • Nurtures growth of baby hair
  • Promotes healthy circulation
  • Balances scalp’s natural oils
  • For fuller, stronger hair
No artificial preservatives, coloring or fragrance.
10 pumps for long hair. Apply and massage 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse off. Use it also as your conditioner to maximize effects. Repeat process, let it soak in and rinse off after shower.
Suitable for daily use. 500ml lasts approximately 1.5 months.
Chinese Knotweed, Gingko, Ganoderma lucidum (LingZhi), Common Cnidium, Dictamnus (Densefruit Pittany), Distilled Water, Guar Gum and Patent Formulation.

WD TCM Nature's Crown Shampoo

My Review of The Nature's Crown Shampoo :

The shampoo comes in a big 500 ml non transparent container with a pump dispenser. The shampoo's consistency is quite flowy - neither runny nor thick and is brown in color. The container is quite bulky and the shampoo would last for about 1.5 months with regular usage too. The brand emphasizes on the usage of this shampoo even as a conditioner by applying a sufficient amount on the hair and to let it remain there for 10 minutes to smoothen the hair. 

The shampoo lathers quite well in spite of being chemical free. The fragrance of the product is very mild and the shampoo feels therapeutic and makes my scalp feel well cleansed. When I use the shampoo for the first wash, my hair is well cleansed and it feels a bit dry but once I apply the shampoo on my hair again & let it sit for about 5 to 10 minutes as a conditioner , my hair feels smooth and soft.

I can definitely feel my scalp cleaner and my dandruff has reduced significantly which I am extremely happy about.

Rating 4.5/ 5 because it can be a bit drying for frizzy hair people if you do not use it as a conditioner.

WD TCM Nature's Crown Shampoo

Ingredients of WD TCM Shampoo
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