Lavshuca Candy Pop Eyeshadow Single - Shade BR 1 & PK3

Lavshuca Single Eyeshadows Review
Hi everyone,

This is the review of Lavshuca Candy Pop Single Eyeshadows in the shades - BR1 & PK3.

I grabbed them in Sasa Cosmetics Store, Hongkong. Asian Cosmetics are packaged very attractively.Every product looks very colorful & attractive & cute of course.The single eyeshadow comes in a pink case & the product is inscribed with the letter L & a heart.

Lavshuca Candy Pop Eyeshadow- Packaging : 

It comes in a very handy little pink case and the shade number is indicated at the bottom of the case.The product has the letter L & a heart shape inscribed on it. Very attractive girly packaging which surely catches the eye.

Lavshuca candy pop shadow

Lavshuca Candy Pop Eyeshadow- Product Quality : 

The texture is buttery smooth & the pigmentation is real value for money.When you pick up the product using yr fingers , one swipe is more than enough for a good swatch.

The product feels so soft & it is easy to blend.The color payoff is extremely high when applied on top of a primer.

Lavshuca Candy Pop Eyeshadow- The Shades :

Lavshuca Candy Pop Eyeshadow BR1 is a shimmery rusty golden color which would compliment any skintone well. One can use it a single color too or it will go well with pink/blue. The texture is so soft but it has a lot of fallout.

Lavshuca Candy Pop Eyeshadow PK3 is a matte hot pink color that would suit cool skintones better than warm skintones. The texture is very smooth but the product is a little chalky during application.. the case with matte colors..... :) 

Natural Lighting

Natural Lighting

With Flash

With Flash

Lavshuca Candy Pop Eyeshadow- Color Pay-Off :

The pigmentation of shade BR1 is very good but PK3 is too light even if applied on some base colorThe pigmentation is accentuated if a primer is applied beneath & the staying power too increases.

Lavshuca Candy Pop Eyeshadow- Price : 

The product costs HKD 65 & is available in any SaSa outlet in HongKong. or you can go to Ebay & purchase these..

Lavshuca Candy Pop Eyeshadow- Swatches :

The swatches were taken in both natural lighting & with flash. These are the swatches of the product:

Natural Lighting

With Flash
Lavshuca Candy Pop Eyeshadow-Cons:

The lid is too tight & is very difficult to open it. Everytime I force it open, my nails go & touch the eyeshadow & most of it comes into my nails...See u soon with another review :) till then bye bye.. :)

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