Chambor Waterproof Stay on eyeliner in 301 Forever Black review and Swatches

One makeup product I keep purchasing often is the khol pencil/kajal pencil because I use it everyday religiously & it becomes used up very fast
- the only makeup product I finish completely :P.
Since I get the opportunity to buy khol pencils frequently , I try my level best to experiment. So this time it was Chambor pencil eyeliner. 

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Chambor waterproof stay on eyeliner in Black 

My Ethnic Earring Collection

I have been a bit demotivated and in turn away from my blog.. I started this My Earrings series few weeks back, so thought I should pay it some respects and not ignore it. So following my trendy collections, in this post I would like to show my Ethnic Earrings Collection. I adore my collection a lot and maintain them neatly by segregating the earrings according to their types, for instance : I store all Paper quilling earrings together, stones studded ones separately.

My second wedding anniversary is coming up & we are heading to Pondichery next week for a getaway.So again I will be MIA for a while.. :(

Now lets get on to see my Traditional Earrings :

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My outfits during my Paris and Switzerland trip

As you all know I love to travel & explore countries & the Paris & Switzerland trip was one of the most exciting ones we were looking forward to since it was for 14 days & we were going to see 2 of the most sought after destinations.

So apart from the tour planning, I was planning my outfits as well since Paris is the fashion capital & the French had a different sense of dressing & preferred monochromes.In Switzerland I could wear colorful clothes since it was Spring/Summer time then.

I chose colors like black, white, cream for Paris & brighter colors like yellow, peach, greens for Switzerland.We planned our shopping for about 2 to 3 days and me & hubby chose similar shades on some days. 

You can check my trip shopping stories here & here .

Tips on maintaining your Silk Sarees

I know how happy a girl can be when she buys a saree, but it does not end there. There goes a lot into maintaining it well, in order to use it for many years. When it comes to silk sarees, it is completely a different ball game. 

You might have read about my Silk Saree Collection, for those who haven't check this link.

I really cherish them and see to it they are maintained well.Now lets head on to the tips :

1 : Remove the Silk Saree from the cardboard box and store them in a cloth bag(or muslin cloth or dhoti cloth) that lets the saree breathe.

2 : Use some Closet Storage Fresheners with natural ingredients such as sandalwood.

Sephora Call Girl Rouge Lipstick SR 34 review & swatches - Are you ready for a Hot Pink lipstick this summer??

Summers are the best time to flaunt neon, corals & pinks.I am not a lipstick person although I end up accumulating them. I love wearing heavy jewelry always & finally have to have understated makeup. I had carried few neutral lipstick colors to my Paris & Switzerland trip.After I saw The Sephora showrooms in Paris , I was tempted to try something from there. So it was my husband's suggestion I try a pink lipstick and wanted me to wear them during the rest of the days in Switzerland since I had planned all colorful dresses.
I bought this Sephora Lipstick from Sephora in Rue De Rivoli(next to Musee De Louvre), Paris.

Sephora Rouge Creme Lipstick R34 Review and Swatches,Sephora Rouge Creme lipstick swatches,Sephora Lipstick India,Sephora ROuge lipsticks in India
Sephora Showroom in Paris

After coming back from my trip, I prefer mixing it up with a coral red shade for the perfect lip color. Now lets get on to the review.

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