When it was love at first sight - Bourjois Paris Smoky Effect Eyeliner Pencil - 73 Deep green

Tell me one thing you all love about the city you live in and first thing you would do when you wake up ?? We have never had any open questions in crazyforcosmetics till now. 

I live in Chennai and something I love about my city is The Marina Beach and the entire stretch of the beach road. Very well maintained with all the statues on one side and the age old university buildings & the other TN Government Administration buildings on the other side, it is really a beautiful stretch in Chennai.

The first thing I do in the morning once I wake up is look for my phone & see updates on Facebook , next is reach for my Filter Kaapi !!!!

Coming to the Bourjois SMOKY effect pencil in 73 DEEP GREEN which blew me away at first sight :

Bourjois Smoky Effect Eyeliner Pencil - 73 Deep green
Bourjois Smoky Effect Eyeliner Pencil - 73 Deep green

A haul can surely stop you from feeling hollow - Check out my Bourjois goodies

If you all had seen my facebook update recently, I had put up a picture of some Bourjois goodies gifted by my husband to make me feel better & motivated since I was going through a tough phase. Updates will be given soon when the right time arrives.
We went to lifestyle 2 weeks back and he took me to the makeup counter since it had been ages since I did makeup shopping - Well husbands are really sweet sometimes. 

I went to the Lakme counter first to try out their new Lipstick range but I was totally disappointed with the shade selection. Warm toned beauties, they will surely wash you out . Except for a few plum/ red shades rest all are pale shades which I did not like. I wanted some work wear lipstick shades but none of the office wear shades suited my yellow skintone. They all washed me out.

Then I moved to the Bourjois counter to try out some products. I wanted a nice Black khol from Bourjois for a long time.Their khols are brilliant. So I first picked up their Smoky Effect Pencil in Ultra Black. By then the SA had made out I was in the mood for more products. She forced me to " just try out the Green shade which was fast moving" in their counters and she liberally applied it on my no khol eyes and I went instantly went gaga over it and I was admiring myself in the mirror more than I do at home :P I am sure all of you can relate to this. So the nest buy was Smoky Effect Pencil in 73 Deep Green.

MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil Usage Challenge - Month 2

First of all I would like to say a big SORRY for being away from blogging. I was busy with shifting our house and there is a lot of transition happening in my personal life. Will surely post the updates once things are through.. I was not able to reply to comments and visit other blogs as frequently as before and this might continue for a while. A big apology for that.

So coming back to the post, I was not very sincere in my hair oiling routine due to the same reasons as above. But I have been trying my level best to at least use it twice a week and before washing my hair. The stress I am going through has been the highest last week.

I have been experiencing hair fall lately due to the stress but I did apply a Henna hair pack to cool down my body and reduce the hair fall.

Read about MABH oil here.

Changes observed due to usage of MABH :

1 : My hair does not get tangled much these days.

2 : I have not got any split ends till now even after 6 months after hair cut.

3 : The volume has increased even though I am experiencing hair fall simultaneously.

4  : All the small length hair have grown and the crown portion looks quite dense.

5 : The length of my hair has not increased much - I do not know why since I do not have split ends also. I have this problem where my hair grows up to an extent and then it stops growing. Maybe this is genetic but I want my hair to be lustrous and thick. Let us see whether it improves now since my stress level has reduced and now I am back to my schedule.

Food Habits :

  • I have managed to eat Fenugreek seeds regularly these days , so I think in the long run it will surely prove to be effective in controlling hair fall and promoting growth.

  • I am also taking 4 almonds everyday.


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