2 States - The Story of my Friendship

When Harine met Krupa : 

What do you think 2 bloggers hailing from Tam Brahm families , one raised in Chennai and one raised in Bangalore & London, talk over a cup of coffee?? 

About Filter Kaapi, Carnatic Music, Silk Sarees and rave about Tamil Cinema ?

That's not what we ended up doing but a rather breezy chit chat in the evening watching the sunset and discussed a lot on blogging. By the way we did some fun photo shoot as well in our traditional Silk saree & a modern spring summer attire.

Krupa and I started talking after she won in my blog giveaway and we have been good friends since then. Her blog has interesting sections like Avatar where she styles a dress in multiple ways and her monthly favorite beauty products.She is such a vibrant person who can transmit her positive energy to everyone around her.. 

To know more about Krupa, visit her blog @ ishtyleawhile .

Here are the pics for you :

MS blue silk saree from KAnchipuram Prakash Silks
MS blue silk saree from Kanchipuram

Some Combinations are #TwiceAsNice

Harine: You enter into a grocery store with just bread in mind to be bought, but the minute you take your cart and begin to wander, your gaze falls on several other items too - You do not stop with just bread, the butter always goes hand in hand. Imagine munching only the bread at midnight or having a bread toast with some butter on !! Sounds interesting right …

Krupa: You are making me hungry Harine. For me, when I see a multipurpose product like a foundation with SPF, I stop and I buy it.

Harine: This explains the POWER of TWO - it does not end with just the bread and butter but it goes a long way and you can find it in every element in this world.

Krupa: Hey !! Stop Stop.. Why are you being so philosophical?

Harine: I was trying to explain to you the Power of Two in our lives and also give a good intro to our article.

Krupa: Well lets introduce ourselves first. My name is Krupa and I blog at Like the name suggests, my blog is about my personal style, and my adventures with makeup.

Harine: I am Harine ( Ha - Ri - Ni )- thats how its pronounced !! and I blog at . Not only is my spelling CRAZY but I am also crazy about cosmetics, traveling & fashion accessories and crazyforcosmetics is where I scribble my thoughts. Why are we the best #TWICEASNICE combo Krupa  ??

Krupa: Well.... with your amazing picture taking skills (don’t forget to admire Harine’s handiwork on the pictures) and my ability to just chatter away on a topic (though I admit that most of this article content was created by Harine), it is no wonder that this article is going to be #TwiceAsNice as any other. We go hand in hand just like an eyeliner and a mascara. (Such a beauty blogger I am. I can’t even stay away from a makeup reference)

Harine: Wow that's a magical Pair Krupa.These products go hand in hand and make your eyes bright anytime !! An eyeliner and a mascara compliment each other so well that if you step out even without one of them, you feel incomplete.

Bourjois Paris Smoky Effect Khol in 76 Ultra Black Review & Swatch

The hunt for the right black kajal /khol will never end for an Indian girl. I can rock a no makeup face anytime (I really do mean that) - I can go without any foundation, lipstick, eyeliner on my face. But the first question people ask me is - why do you look tired? That one single thing that can make you look awake is the Black Khol/Kajal.

Bourjois Paris Smoky Effect Khol in 76 Ultra Black Review & Swatch
Bourjois Paris Smoky Effect Khol in 76 Ultra Black Review & Swatch

Kryolan HD Micro Primer Review - Is it really worth investing ?

An eye primer is a product that had always been on my wish list, but for some reasons I never got around to buy one. Though available in most counters, I have never felt the urge to buy it instantaneously. After major research for good primers in the market, I wanted to try out the Kryolan Eye Primer.

Though I went with a firm decision that I would buy only the eye primer, Kryolan's pricing strategy wooed me and I gave in to the temptation. I finally bought the Face & Eye HD Micro Primer for INR 1000.

kryolan germany hd micro primer review in india
Kryolan HD Micro primer packaging

I used the Kryolan Eye & Face Primer for my cousin's Wedding & Sangeet function and I did quite like it. Lets read my opinion here :

Going the Traditional Way - South Indian Traditional Saree and Makeup

This post is in continuation of my previous OOTD post - Check it out here !!

I always prefer wearing accessories that are not the usual traditional ones that others would wear, but wish to stand out in the crowd. Though reluctantly due to lack of time I had decided I would be wearing my gold jhumka for my cousin's wedding , I was constantly looking for something that could replace it at the last minute. I have been lucky most of the times that I will find what I desire for it because to some extent I believe in the concept of Law of Attraction.

south indian wedding jewellery - jhumkas
Beautiful Purple Stone Jhumkas

I spotted this Jhumka for INR 450 at the same exhibition where I bought the Chandbalis I wore for my cousin's sangeet.

My Outfit and Makeup details for my cousin's Sangeet Ceremony

Every time there is a wedding in the family, I seem to get more excited with my outfits and accessories than the bride herself. Sometimes a big plan does not work and we have to accept what comes in the way. Let me tell you clearly what I meant :

So once the wedding dates & the occasions were confirmed, I started dreaming of what I would wear for all the occasions and places to head for shopping .

south indian wedding

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