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What are the Social Media Sites you guys are generally addicted to ? 
I am an instagram crazy person and I sometimes stumble upon great profiles that I just do not realize how many hours I spend on it. Recently I discovered one such profile that I will be discussing here in this post - Bindurekha Accessories,an accessories range by Leena from Pune, India.

A little about Leena :

I have managed to pursue my passion of designing one of kind jewelry simultaneously with a career in the software industry. I was never a gold jewelry buff and always wanted something unique and different suiting my tastes. I did not like the mass production jewelry in the showrooms and hence started designing my own. The focus was on creating something which was one of a kind or at least not readily available in the market. As requests and orders began to pile up the need for an organized business enterprise that will provide quality products and efficient service became apparent. The venture has been named Bindurekha which means a line of dots / a verse.

A little intro about Bindurekha :

Bindurekha products are a polished blend of designer creativity fueled by designer findings, exotic stones and beads assuring an exclusive product that stands out unlike mass production items. We have 3 series:

Attitude Series: Designer findings and exotic glass, wooden, ceramic and fancy beads.

Organic Therapie Insta Clear Marks Treatment Kit Review

It has been a while since I have done a facial at a salon and I am quite lazy when coming to spending hours together in a salon. I am kind of claustrophobic and cannot lie down without becoming restless in a closed salon room, for the sake of a facial. I rather prefer doing a simple clean up at home during my leisure time.

In one such attempt, I have been trying out the Organic Therapie Insta Clear Marks Treatment kit which consists of a face cream, a serum and a face mask that works together to clear marks on the skin.

About Organic Therapie :

Organic Therapie is a revolutionary line of natural extracts based health & beauty products. Its award winning products are created with hand - picked ingredients to give you the best that nature has to offer.  Our mission at Organic Therapie  is "to help men & women around the world, look beautiful & feel healthy every day, and thereby improve their happiness quotient".

About Anti - Marks Therapy :


Insta Clear Marks Crème + Insta Clear Marks Clay + Insta Clear Marks Serum

organic therapie anti marks clay review
Organic Therapie Anti -Marks Kit

Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor Review

How much do we women dread unwanted hair and how much do we spend in our life to get away with unwanted hair ? I have always wondered, if a magical product would be found that could eliminate the unwanted hair form our body and give us soft and smooth skin.I hate going to parlors because of few reasons:

1 : I am slightly claustrophobic and I hate sitting in that dark small room.

2 : I hate the waiting time when a single girl attends to multiple customers.

3 : I dread the pain when the wax is being pulled away from my skin :( Tears roll down my eyes even while I write this.

When this product made its rounds last year in the blogging world, I was head strong that I should lay my hands on it and see if it helps reduce my unwanted hair growth. Now lets see if it fares my test well !! 

Barever Natural hair remover review
Barever Natural hair remover 

All Things New - Life Updates

Surprise - All you Cosmetics Crazy people out there. There are a lot of good things happening in life and manifestation of dreams are happening slowly but steadily. So yes, here is the first update :

CRAZYFORCOSMETICS goes to SINGAPORE - Yes, we have shifted from Chennai to Singapore and I will be continuing my blogging from here. I am totally excited about this and I hope all you readers wont forget me and Crazyforcosmetics.

Singapore means more cosmetics, more shopping and more blogging !!! 

Singapore Shopping
Duty free Shop in the Changi Airport

MABH Hair Growth Challenge Season 2 - Month 1

Inspired by the Star Vijay's Jodi No 1, Airtel Super Singer and Kalaka Povadhu Yaaru Seasons, I named this post - MABH Hair Growth Challenge Season 2.

You can read more about MABH Hair Oil and my previous Hair Growth here.

MABH hair Oil

Lancy of MABH was unable to send out products due to some personal reasons and hence I could not continue my previous growth journey. When she sent out new bottles, I decided to chop off my hair and start afresh. I had developed a lot of split ends due to poor maintenance and I totally regret it.

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