KATE Deep Liquid Eyeliner WP BK 1 Review, Swatches

KATE Deep Liquid Eyeliner WP BK 1
KATE Deep Liquid Eyeliner WP BK 1

My parents had come to Singapore last week and I felt happy taking them out for sight seeing. My mom has stayed back to help me out and spend some time with me here because I was kind of feeling bored and lonely being away from home. So it has been a little difficult to sit with the laptop and work on my blog and sorry for the erratic timing of the posts and I have not had time to check out my other friend's blogs as well and kindly excuse me for that.

Something that always runs out in my vanity is my black liquid liner and currently, I am into this budget mode and hence refraining from buying expensive products. The local market here has a lot of products from Korea & Japan and in that specifically, I have been hearing a lot of positive reviews about the brand KATE TOKYO. I have here a black liquid eyeliner from the Kate Tokyo brand for review.

Freeman Charcoal & Black Sugar Facial Polishing Mask Review

Freeman Charcoal & Black Sugar Facial Polishing Mask
Freeman Charcoal & Black Sugar Facial Polishing Mask

The Freeman Counter at the stores attracts me every time I cross it because of the colorful new launches and the attractive range that they offer. I keep seeing new launches every time I go to the store but I refrain from buying more because I am determined to finish off the existing ones. They have several interesting scrubs and face masks that combine several quirky ingredients to deliver good results and at the same time are affordable too. 

I have reviewed some Freeman products on the blog earlier and you can check them out here & here. Today I will be reviewing a scrub/ mask from Freeman called Charcoal and Black Sugar Facial Polishing Mask.

My Current Hair Care Routine for Dry, Rough Hair

dandruff problem home tips
All Natural Hair Care Products

After initiating and quitting new hair care regimens, now finally, I have decided to give a new routine some chance and set out products for use on different days. My new hair care routine is not a very complex one but it involves a lot of chemical free products and also some simple diet changes. I have planned the regimen so that I will not be repeating the products every time I wash my hair in a week so that I can experience the benefits of all the products because my hair has been facing a lot of issues like thinning, dandruff and roughness.

Silkygirl Shine Free Loose Powder 02 Natural Medium Review and Swatches

Silkygirl Shine Free Loose Powder 02 Natural Medium
Silkygirl Shine Free Loose Powder 02 Natural Medium

What difference can a face powder do to your makeup? Have you ever felt like a clown looking strangely white or felt really comfortable with your makeup? A compact powder can play an important role in giving your makeup a good finish. If you go wrong with your selection of shade or finish, it can make you look bad.

I always pay a lot of attention while choosing my powder and also try to stick to my budget at the same time. Though high-end powders like MAC are on my wishlist, I often reach for budget friendly ones because powders are something that gets used up really fast for me. When my Inglot face powder was on the verge of getting over, I tried some new brand from the store and ended up with the Silkygirl compact powder.

Philips Steam and Go Handheld Garment Steamer Review

Philips Steam and Go Handheld Garment Steamer Review
Philips Steam and Go Handheld Garment Steamer 

I love wearing ethnic clothes but at the same time, I fear to clean them & press them because they usually have intricate embroidery or some other work which involves additional care.When we moved to Singapore, the chances of me wearing ethnic clothes have relatively decreased but the love for ethnic clothes has never reduced. There are centres to do the laundry and get your clothes dry cleaned here too, but they are quite expensive and hence I had to find some alternative way of getting my ethnic clothes cleaned and pressed.

While looking at various options online, I finally stumbled upon a garment steamer from Philips and here I have the review of the same. I wanted a handy cleaner to clean and at the same time iron my clothes, which involved more attention.

Aroma Essentials Corrector Under Eye Night Gel Review

Aroma Essentials Corrector Under eye gel with saffron
Aroma Essentials Corrector Under eye gel with saffron

I am just back from a quick vacation in Bangkok with my husband and this was a much-needed break for both of us. We needed a getaway which was close by to Singapore as well as affordable and Bangkok was the first thing that came up to our mind.

Freeman Dead Sea Minerals Facial Anti-Stress Mask Review

Freeman Dead Sea Minerals Facial Anti-Stress Mask Review
Freeman Dead Sea Minerals Facial Anti-Stress Mask 

You easily do not fall in love with some skincare items because they just seem to be taking endless time to work on your skin and to impress you. It would be a cliche if I said budget beauties might take even longer time to work on you. I was thoroughly blown away by one such product off late and wanted to pen down my feelings for it as soon as possible.
Of all the Freeman products that I bulk purchased during my visit to Mustafa Centre, the only one which impressed me in first few trials was The Freeman Dead Sea minerals Facial Anti-Stress Mask. 

Mid March Empties

Soap & Glory products for skincare
Mid March Empties

Sometimes I really feel perplexed how some of the bloggers regularly do monthly empties post, because for me to completely finish a product seems like a big chore. Phew ! but finally, I managed to clear out some of the products from my bathroom vanity by intentionally using them on a regular basis in order to fill up with new skincare products.

I always have this habit of opening up new products when the old one is only about half used but, this time, I made my mind to completely finish off the old products so that I can have fresh products to try.

So lets us see what are the products that I managed to empty over the course of 1.5 months and some of them have been reviewed already on the blog.

Futurisk Women's Day Campaign Winners

Wish you all a Very Happy Women's Day.

If you had seen my posts regarding Women's Day Campaign by Futurisk India on all my Social Media handles, you would have known that there was a contest for us to participate. A story which made you a stronger woman had to be shared and the best stories have been selected by Futurisk Panel and here are the winners.My heartiest congratulations to the Winners.

Here are the entries which you can read in detail.

Minty OOTD for a Bright, Sunny Day

Mint and white OOTD
Mint and White OOTD

I love going to the theaters often and watching movies and I am so lucky to get a husband who also enjoys watching movies in the theater. I watch a lot of tamil films, which is my mother tongue and recently there has been some really mazing movies with fresh scripts.

On such a recent visit to the theater on a hot, bright and sunny day, I chose to wear my new H&M white shirt which I have been raving about here & here along with some mint shaded accessories & pants to beat the heat.I went in for pastel shades on my nails too and wore Essence Gel nail paint in the shade Sweet As a Candy.

Clothing Haul from H&M and Dorothy Perkins - Video Alert

H&M Clothing Haul Singapore
H&M Clothing Haul Singapore

Being a woman, have you ever been ridiculed and generalised for taking a long time to shop for clothes? Even I have undergone this though no one ever knows how fast I am when it comes to Clothes shopping and how slow my husband is. Yes, this might seem so surprising but this is the fact. My husband and I walked into H&M last week and we walked out of the store in about 45 minutes with 4 dresses. Can you believe that? Well, you are bound to believe that and I also got another top from Dorothy Perkins another day when there was a sale going on.

NYX Ombre Blush in the shade Code Breaker Review, Swatches & FOTD

How many of you have been crazy about Barbie dolls when you were young?
I used to be so crazy about them and did have a cute collection too. What is the most striking thing that one might notice in a barbie doll? The rosy cheeks are the first thing I notice in a barbie doll and it is really important for us to wear the right shade of blush in the right way to look great.

In my latest Sephora haul, I picked up a bold shade of blush which I would have usually avoided because I am an out and out coral blush lover.The blush is from NYX and is an Ombre blush with hues of bold pink and purple. Such shades of blush would look good when you are wearing silver toned accessories and I really needed one such shade in my vanity.

NYX Ombre Blush in the shade Code breaker Review and swatches
NYX Ombre Blush in the shade Code Breaker

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