Models Prefer Fashionista 52 Color Palette - First Impression

Too much of travel (only in my posts), so kind of tired..So thought I would write something for makeup too.. That is what my blog says right, All about Makeup, Travel & Shopping..

My best friend was coming back from Australia after about a year and she had asked what I had wanted from there. I wanted her to get me some cosmetics  from Australia and not the usual ones we find here or online. She knows I have this weakness for eye shadows and she bought this Models Prefer 52 Color Palette.



Packaging : 

It comes in a very sleek black plastic case which is very compact & attractive. It has 40 powder eye shadows, 8 creme to powder eye shadows, 2 blushes, 1 highlighter and 1 bronzer. It also has an eye shadow applicator, a blush applicator and a small mirror on the inside.The shadows are only about the size of the US 20 cent coin.


Under Natural Light

Price : AUD 15 for 43.5 gms net weight

Shades & Texture: 

Powder Eye shadows : The palette has different variations of pink, gold, brown, blue, green, grey and purple.Predominantly the shades are pearl finish,soft textured, and not very vibrant (suitable for office wear). There is one matte highlighter shade and 2 glittery eye shadows. 

Creme to Powder Eye shadow: One color each from the list of shades mentioned above which can be used as a standalone shadow or used as a base for better color payoff. The colors are very vibrant and have a smooth texture.


Blush: One pink & one coral color blush of which the pink one has very fine glitter particles(suitable for night time) and the coral color is a matte blush(suitable for daytime). 

Highlighter & Bronzer: The highlighter is a Golden-Bronzy Highlighter shade & the bronzer is a reddish brown matte bronzer.


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