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How to style Printed Pants

Are you confused looking at the title and wondering how can she dress on a budget while she is uttering names like Forever 21 & H&M? It is just a preconception that these brands are expensive and that one cannot find a budget beauty in their stores. In fact, even I had one such assumption before I did really step into their stores & found some great stuff on a budget.

H&M and Forever 21 have sales going on most of the time and they have a separate sale rack which I check out now and then because they have some hidden gems at times. I managed to grab some good clothes from H&M and some jewelry from Forever21 & Lovisa which are my favorites for stylish jewelry.I put together all of these when I went to Bangkok and here is the OOTD:

Forever 21 Jewelry haul
Plain Rust Top with Aztec Printed Pants

Bangkok has a pretty much similar weather to that of Singapore and there was quite a bit of humidity when we had visited. I wore this outfit when we went to Paragon Shopping Mall and found it comfortable as well as stylish.

Lovisa Jewelry Haul
Jewelry from Lovisa & Forever21

How to style Aztec Printed Pants
How to style Aztec Printed Pants

Simple outfit ideas for casual evening
Printed pants with plain top
Top: H&M , 7 SGD

Bottom : H&M , 19 SGD , Shown in my H&M haul here

Chain Necklace : Forever 21 , 7 SGD

Earrings : Lovisa , 3 SGD

Lipstick : Inglot 103

Footwear : Kiyo , 16 SGD

Bag : Cotton On , Shown here
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