Why Hair Dryers are a necessity...

It is common human nature not to cherish the little things in life that are important , but to always go hunting for things that may not actually be of use after sometime. We tend to invest in things that may not be of use to us and it might be lying somewhere without serving any purpose at all. 

However these are small things in our daily life that adds a lot of value to us :

1 : Air conditioner
2 : A mixer grinder 
3 : Vacuum cleaner
4 : A hairdryer

These are some of the things that add a lot of value to us but we never show them the gratitude and always take them for granted. We do not maintain them well and only if they are not around or they fail to work, we realize their importance. Our heart and soul is being used to buy some products like a mobile phone or some other new gadget which is definitely a must have according to us,  but we do not give the same importance to these 4 items in the above list. 

We have recently shifted our house the place comes with air conditioners in all the rooms. So I shifted my attention to other 3 items in the list. 

Let me take some time to talk about my hairdryer today which is a big boon to me - Braun Hairdryer (the best hair dryer brand) that I have known. I recently also purchased a brand new Vacuum cleaner (Xiaomi Roidmi Vacuum Cleaner ) and Preethi Cosmo Mixer Grinder. You can check the review for the Mixer Grinder on my YouTube Channel to get more details. 

Braun Satin 3 hairdryer Courts Singapore Review
Braun Hairdryer Satin 3 Review

Where did I Buy it ? 

I bought my Braun hairdryer from the Electronics Giant Store called Courts in Singapore and before me purchasing the same, I did a quick read up on the types of hairdryers here since I had never till date bothered researching about it like how I usually do for mobile phones or other gadgets.

Why did I buy a Hair Dryer ?

1. I have had severe issues of Sinusitis when I was in College and office and from that moment I started using hairdryer to quickly dry my hair and step out of the house. To be honest, I do not suffer from Sinus after that. 
2. Sometimes when my child is rushing to school I choose to use a hairdryer in the cool mode to quickly dry her hair too. 
3. Mr.Husband too uses it since he is always on a rush to work. 
4. I also needed a hair dryer to use it on my clients when they want a blow dry.(Makeup Artist life). 

hair dryer types in India
Hair dryer types in India

Different Settings 

Braun Satin 3 Hairdryer India Online
Braun Satin 3 Hairdryer India Online

The Braun hairdryer has 2 Speed and 3 Heat Settings.

Heat setting 1 is the Cool mode which is very useful for young kids and Heat Setting 2 works for regular hair drying and setting 3 works best for blow dry.

My View

  • The Braun Hair Dryer is super comfortable to use and is apt for people who are busy and want to quickly dry the hair. 
  • The Braun Hair Dryer is quite compact making it easy to store and also carry with you during your travels. 
  • The multiple heat settings ensure that it is a perfect for all the members of your family and it caters to different needs. 
  • I have always been told that too much heat and hairdryer usage can break the hair and increase the hair fall,  but to be honest I have never experienced any additional hair fall because of this and hair fall is always consistent irrespective of whether I air dry or blow dry.
how to choose hairdryer for different hair types
Hair dryer types for different hair types

Overall this is a great product that I have fallen in love with and will surely recommend as a must have item at home .

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