Innisfree Wine Peeling Gel Review

I am a big fan of the Korean brand Innisfree and one of the best product that I have tried from Innisfree is the Wine Peeling Gel. Innisfree has this amazing concept of recycling where you can drop off an old container and get $1 off of your new purchase. Most of their tube and containers can be dropped off , so I always make sure that I do not throw them away and recycle them.

How I switched to the Peeling Gel from the usual scrub for a clear, glowing skin?

I recently read this article where scrubs can be too harsh on the skin and wanted an alternative to remove the dead skin cells from the face. I stumbled upon this awesome product when I was browsing through the aisles in an Innisfree store. The Store assistant explained about the effectiveness of the product by showing a demo on my forehand and I realized how it removed the dead cells. I quickly grabbed it, went home to try it out and was mind-blown by the results.

Innisfree Wine Peeling Gel Review
Innisfree Wine Peeling Gel Review

Innisfree Wine Peeling Gel Packaging :

The Innisfree Wine Peeling Gel comes in a wine shade plastic bottle(which can be recycled) with a stopper and a screw lid. The product is white in color unlike what I expected and creamy in texture.

Innisfree Wine Peeling Gel Packaging
Innisfree Wine Peeling Gel Packaging

Innisfree Wine Peeling Gel Working :

What we need is a drop or two for our entire wet face and we need to go in circular motions all over our face. Initially nothing happens but after a minute or so, you start feeling rough particles coming off from your face. Those are nothing but the accumulated dead cells which tend to fall out while we continue to scrub. Do this process for a total of about 3 minutes and then wash your face. Repeat this once or twice a week depending on your skin's exposure to dust and dirt. Use a toner or a moisturizer after this procedure.

Innisfree Wine Peeling Gel Effects :

Your skin instantly starts feeling fresh, moist, supple, glowing and clear. Yes, am not exaggerating at all- TRUST ME! Innisfree Wine Peeling Gel gives your skin the much needed exfoliation to reveal the fresh skin underneath. If you follow this regime regularly, your skin wouldn't accumulate the dead cells and it is easier to maintain a clean and clear skin without going to the parlor or doing a facial. It also comes for many uses since you need just a few drops every time. So it can be long lasting and very cost effective too.

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Innisfree Wine Peeling Gel Singapore

Innisfree WIne Gel Effectiveness
Innisfree Wine Peeling Gel Texture
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