VLCC 3D Youth Boost Gel Sunscreen SPF 40 Review

The beauty and healthcare market in India is growing at a very fast pace. So many brands, so many variants and varied price range which caters to people from all walks of life. 

VLCC youth Boost 3d

Continuing the sunscreen series on the blog, today we have VLCC's 3D Youth Boost gel Sunscreen. VLCC has so many variants of sunscreens in the market suitable for different needs & skin types. I chose this version because I was tired of oily , creamy sunscreens and wanted a gel based for a change.

VLCC 3D Youth Boost Gel Sunscreen Review

The product comes in a squeeze type packaging and the quantity is 100 ml. The fragrance is absolutely amazing and it reminds me of a good perfume. The overall packaging is very colorful, attractive and would tempt people into buying. The texture feels like a cream but it blends into the skin like a gel & sets in probably just 2 minutes. Singapore has very high humidity and I have tried this sunscreen during the peak humid period of 4 to 5 pm and it didn't make me sweat or feel greasy.The skin feels really moist and supple but I am not sure of the youth boost feature. Supple skin would get lesser wrinkles and hence the name Youth Boost. 

Gel Sunscreens India

The SPF is 40 which is a decent protection for the budget but I would have been happier if the SPF was a little higher. Priced at INR  395 , the quantity is a bit less and since the consistency is a bit thick, it would last for a lesser time. Rating 4/5

VLCC skincare products India

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