Retro Round - Love for Polka Dots

After a recent trip to Bali and Malacca in Malaysia(during our KL trip) we have been going crazy about Vintage & Retro stuffs. We have collected quite a lot of home decor stuff too which has a vintage charm to it.That is when it struck to my husband that I could create a retro based look on my blog. 
So what is the first thing that comes to our mind when you think of retro or vintage ? For me it is polka dots and so here are a number of polka dot items that I picked & used to create various retro looks. I took inspiration from the internet especially concentrating on Bollywood looks and here I have recreated some of them. I went on a crazy search for inspirations on Pinterest, Google images & magazines & finally decided on 3 looks that I would come up with.

I then started collecting all the required things like dresses, hair accessories, scarves and retro glasses. Some of them were already there with me but I did not know how to work with them. The internet did help me with ideas on how to style polka dot dresses & accessories.

Look No 1 : The Polka Dot top & plain pants , inspired by Priyanka Chopra's outfit

Retro inspired look
Retro look inspired from Priyanka Chopra

The polka dot top is from Chinatown, Singapore and it costs SGD 12. The leggings are from Forever 21 and it costs SGD 7. I had got these sunglasses from Singapore way back in 2013 when I had been here as a tourist. I also added a cute little polka dot bow that I got from Limeroad. I went in with a matte lipstick from Loreal - Lincoln Rose.

Polka dotted top
Polka dotted top 

Polka dotted hair bow
Polka dotted hair bow

polka dot top & hair bow styling
Polka dot top & hair bow styling

Retro style sunglasses
Retro style sunglasses

Look No 2 :  Hollywood inspired Polka Dot Scarf & Retro Glasses

Hollywood inspired retro look
Hollywood inspired retro look

I had picked up this polka dot scarf from Kolkata last year and wanted to wear it in a Retro style. The sunglasses are from Rubi brand in Singapore and costs SGD 5. I also went in for a pink lipstick from Sephora that I have reviewed here.

English 60's retro look
Headscarf with polka dots

vintage inspired clothing blog
Vintage inspired Look

vintage inspired clothing cheap
Cheap Vintage Clothing

Look No 3 : Polka Dot Puff sleeve shirt inspired by Vidya Balan's Look

Vidya Balan retro look
Retro look inspired by Vidya Balan

The polka dot puff sleeve shirt is from Westside and the earrings are from Paris. The polka dot headwrap is from Malaysia and it costs RM 5. Most of the products that I have used in this look were already there in my wardrobe and only few of them were recently purchased.

bollywood retro fashion
Bollywood retro fashion

Head wrap with polka dots
Head wrap with polka dots

bollywood retro look hairstyle
Bollywood Retro Look hairstyle

how to get bollywood retro look
Retro inspired Sunglasses

Polka Dot dresses styling
Polka Dot dresses styling

Please leave a comment below on which of the 3 looks you liked the most and also some look that you would like me to recreate.

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